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La Pampa, an option for sightseeing in Argentina

The Pampa displays before our eyes a multiplicity of options in the field of rural tourism. All of them make possible the encounter with oneself.

La Pampa
turismo rural en la pampa

In the province of  La Pampa , the flat horizon is a challenge to discovery. The traveler squints his eyes and tries to decipher that little black and far point, which looks out after kilometers and kilometers of pastures in the burning morning. A cow, a horse, a pole? From his chair, that vain attempt to recognize the silhouette is a simple game, but also a seasoning to achieve a dream, relaxing state. The rest of the seasonings arrive in the afternoon: a review of country tasks, a roast with leather washed down with red, a short horseback ride and a tea with handmade cakes.

The province of La Pampa is the one that displays before the visitor multiple experiences such as those described. Spending the day or staying in pampean estancias is an unforgettable and enriching experience, an excellent proposal to get in touch with the deepest telluric roots. Creole or European influence, it is hospitality that characterizes all these properties.

Tourism in stays is a product demanded by those looking for a change of environment; an unpolluted space; an uncrowded place; an approach to nature, the traditional way of life and contact with local people.

What is the tourism of stays

Distributed in different parts of the province, the rural establishments invite tourists to spend different days in the vastness of the plain with splendid sunrises and unique and unforgettable sunsets. Travellers' preference for alternative agrotourism and estancia tourism will grow postpandemic, which is why La Pampa is constantly preparing to receive this new demand. The estancias in the province open their doors to tourists and invite them to share the natural and cultural environment through activities that contain a high level of experience.

In turn, in recent years rural tourism has been increasingly developing as an activity that gained ground in local and regional economies. In this way, it shapes a new form of work, known as non-agricultural rural employment, and generates links with industry, trade and other services, which contribute to the consolidation of development processes. That is, this project is not only involved with the activity but also with those services that the region can offer, combining with local hotels and gastronomy, among other activities related to recreation.

The pampean estancias

There is a multiplicity of pampean sites with a hierarchical offer of rural tourism. Among them are:

stay villaverde la pampa

 • Villaverde:  This is the first pampean tourist stay. A historical site and ecological reserve recognized by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation and declared of Cultural Tourist Interest by the Senate of the Nation. The main house has 30 parked hectares and en suite rooms. As a country family, the place offers a whole concept of rural life, associated with peace, customs and typical meals made with products from their farm. The estancia was a Mapuche settlement and has still standing the Huitrú Fortin, a military reserve dating from 1879, declared of National Tourist Interest. It offers bird watching, stables, vintage carriages, rural museum, art gallery and officially recognized educational programs. It is five minutes from the center of Santa Rosa.

stay in pure campo la pampa

 • A Puro Campo:  located in General Acha, 150 km from Santa Rosa at kilometer 40 of RN 152. The property has spacious pet friendly rooms, connected to a large gallery and a few meters from the restaurant, the pool and the covered garages. There you can go hiking, horseback riding, wildlife watching, bird watching, among other activities. It is also possible to know the different field works (farm management, sowing and weeding, among others depending on the time of year).

stay the holland la pampa

 • The Netherlands:  it is located 112 km from Santa Rosa, on the RP 13. In the heart of the Pampean mountain, 20 km from the town of Carro Quemado, this property allows you to appreciate the wonderful paintings of Antonio Ortiz Echagüe and the picturesque landscape that surrounds the town. The painter's world opens up when he enters Antonio Ortiz Echagüe's Atelier Museum, which introduces the visitor to another era, exhibiting from characters of the European courts to the most particular individuals embedded in his daily life in the countryside.

The painter's descendants offer the opportunity to share full family stays in the same house where Ortiz Echagüe lived in the last years of his life. It is also possible to enjoy the extensive library of the painter's wife, Elizabeth Smidt. An artistic workshop is also offered for the visitor. With regard to the connection with nature, you can make sightings of flora and fauna, hikes to a nearby hill, walk through the mountain of caldenes or take a horse ride.

stay la pampeana la pampa

 • La Pampeana:  it is located 228 km from Santa Rosa, on the RN 188. It is a house from the beginning of the 20th century with all the comfort and comforts of a hotel of this millennium. The gardens, large and full of greenery, are a rest for the soul and a joy for the sight. The serenity, the warm breeze of the pampa, the sound of the local birds, all of which will captivate the visitor during their stay. And, as not only does the man live with emotions, the delicacy of the cuisine of the restaurant marvels anyone. The finest and most careful European recipes made with the quality of Argentine products: a unique union that satisfies the most exquisite palates and surprises by the originality of combinations, flavors, aromas and presentations.

The province displays before our eyes a multiplicity of options in terms of rural tourism. All of them make it possible not only to get in touch with the tasks of the countryside, but also with the excellent local cuisine and meeting with oneself.

Travel Tips

 Gastronomy:  food is one of the most outstanding cultural features. Tasty typical dishes such as chivitos, piglets, empanadas, lambs, roast with leather, deer and wild boar loins, chacinados, pickles, cakes and fried cakes are part of traditional pampean cuisine. Spanish carbonates, Italian pasta and Russian and German delicacies are also essential.

Data provided by the  Ministry of Tourism of La Pampa 

Publication Date: 25/08/2020

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