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What are hidden in the valleys of Jujeño

Valleys and lagoons, an environment that becomes an excellent alternative to live nature in your next holiday.

valles jujeños

The valley area in the province of  Jujuy  occupies the central-south region, with dreamy landscapes and an always pleasant climate, which makes the region live in an average temperature similar to a constant spring. From the various points of view, such as Alto la Viña or Cristo de la Hermandad, located on the hill of Las Rosas, one can consider the extraordinary beauty of the place and the interesting geography that encompasses the capital of Jujuy. Between mountains, valleys and lagoons, the environment becomes an excellent alternative to live nature to the fullest. Places like Termas de Reyes, perfect to enjoy its therapeutic waters; Lagunas de Yala, to relax in the calm nuances of its mirrors, find the micro-region of Tilquiza Ocloyas, distributed in an environment of varied and dense vegetation almost jungle, which invite you to rest and tranquility in a setting of extraordinary natural beauty.


Ocloyas is located in Dr. Manuel Belgrano Department, 2000 meters above sea level, in a mountainous area of temperate climate, belonging to the Serranías de Zapla. The soils rich in ferrous minerals contrast with the exuberance of its vegetation. The tourist corridor of the  RP  35 offers the best facilities to spend the night: bungalows, camping, grills, baths, benches,  stoves  and all the necessary elements to enjoy a sunny day in the countryside. Activities such as hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking,  hiking , flora and fauna watching and rural work can be enjoyed. There are also ecological, adventure, rural, interactive, cultural, religious, historical and photographic safaris.

jujenan valleys

The name “Ocloyas” comes from the original people who inhabited the region, derived from okllu which means “brave and fertile woman”. However, due to its phonetics, the term can also be derived from Okkayay, which means “getting into the flesh” or gaining weight, while etymologically it can come from aymara Ocollo, tadpole or frog. According to Hispanic documents, the origin of the Ocloyas people dates back to present-day Peru, from where its inhabitants were forcibly transferred, following the Inca custom of uprooting entire groups. There is little data on the culture of the Ocloyas, although it is known that they were a peaceful and working people, who had a very good relationship with the Otaguacas and other ethnic groups in the region.

 How to get there 

jujujujeno valley

To reach Ocloyas from San Salvador de Jujuy you have to cross the General San Martín bridge and continue along Las Vicuñas Avenue, it continues on the RP35, after crossing Tilquiza and Corral de Piedras.

Along the way you will find family tourism companies dedicated to the practice of activities, walks, horseback riding, flora and fauna watching with accommodation facilities from the campsite to the cottages, with a service of regional cuisine.

Publication Date: 16/10/2020

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