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The sands of Cerro Huancar, in Puna Jujeña, will be the scene of a sandboard day

This imposing sand-covered training in jujuy, will be the scene of a sandboard day next Saturday.

Cerro Huancar, an imposing sand covered formation in  Puna jujeña , will be the scene of a sandboard day next Saturday, 07/09. Experts and fans will participate. It was announced by authorities of the Ministry of Tourism of  Jujuy and  coordinators of Puna Extreme, organizers of the event.

The activity, whose headquarters will be the town of Abra Pampa, will be done with internships during the morning. Then, landslides over 450 meters high, as reported in a press conference.

The agenda

“From 8 there will be instructive talks and after noon you will have to leave alone. They can attend from children to adults,” said Diego Barrojo, coordinator of the event.

At noon, in line with Puna Extreme's objectives of working together with indigenous communities, there will be a lunch at the foot of Huancar by local residents who will offer regional meals and their handicrafts and promote tourist circuits in the area.

Instructional talks will be given by members of “Malón Sandboard”. It is an enterprise of Abra Pampa dedicated to the design, manufacture, rental and sale of boards, sleds and sand skiing. They will make available the necessary equipment for those who register for the event.

Participants include visitors arriving from  Tucumán ,  Salta and  Ushuaia , as Barrojo anticipated.

Other activities

The activity is part of an agenda launched in April of this year. It seeks to attract sports  and active tourism lovers to Jujuy  . It includes individual and combined competitions not only sandboard, but also  trekking , mountain biking and trail  running .

The organization involves the communities of each site where an event is organized. They participate with the attention of all the demands of visitors. But also by offering their products and available alternatives of active tourism and adventure.

In the future, a day of trail running is already being promoted for September 29 to celebrate the 100 years of the community of Barranca. And on October 6, a six-hour trek to the snowy del Chañi.

This Saturday, among the participating communities are Tabladitas, Cochinoca, Tres Cruces, Tuite and Abra Pampa, the latter about 210 kilometers from the capital of Jujuña along National Route 9.

Source: Telam

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