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The Devil’s Throat, an emblem of Humahuaca

A giant canyon, the Devil's Throat is a tectonic formation that offers waterfalls, dinosaurs and an unforgettable connection with nature.
| 23 January, 2020 |

The Quebrada de Humahuaca is a destination tourist visited all year round. It is known that the attraction is generated by the unique combination of colors that gives us its nature in conjunction with its regional culture. It is a nature that, within itself, offers different places to go, and one of the most prominent is the Devil’s Throat.

We found her by the river Huasamayo, one of the most important in the region. The Devil’s Throat on its behalf gives some expectations of what you can live on such a walk. Is a place that has its dangers, but this does not drive away its visitors. It conformation of the place is similar to that of a cannon and was formed because of tectonic accidents.

You could say the Devil’s Throat is a graveyard of giants. There are fossil remains of giant animals such as dinosaurs. Paleontology is another attraction to visit the canyon.

Tilcara is a community that is enhanced next to the Devil’s Throat, because if a tourist lives one place, it will inevitably do so with the other. They’re barely 80 kilometers apart. Tilcara has a different and attractive offer, with several circuits and possibilities to have a good time.

To live the Devil’s Throat it is necessary to have many you want and strength. If your idea is to do the tour on foot, just get to It’ll take an hour and a half to walk there. Those who can’t do that walking tour, or you want to enjoy it in a different way, you can do it in vehicles. No one can miss this natural monument.

Magic and dangers

Inside the canyon we can find water channels and a waterfall of about 15 meters. The connection that is achieved with nature in that place is inexplicable. The streams of water are beautiful in the Devil’s Throat, but they can be dangerous too. In January visitors are advised to take extreme care of the abundant rains that can be generated.

If your thing is to connect with nature, enjoy just watching and touring unique natural environments in the world, the Devil’s Throat should be on your agenda on your next trip to Jujuy.

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