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The light blue and white of the north

The experience of getting to know the Salinas Grandes is unique. Its colors give the feeling of walking on a glass mantle.

Located on the RN 52 (which reaches the  Jama Pass border with Chile ) and 66 kilometers from   Purmamarca  ,  the Salinas Grandes is among the largest salt flats in Sudamérich, it is only the Salar de Uyuni in Chile and the Arizaro in  Salta .

The Salinas Grandes de Jujuy are included in the official list of the Natural Wonders of Argentina. Share the honor with the  glaciers  of Patagonia and the  jungle of Misiones  . And quite rightly so: the climatic and geographical erosion of millions of years resulted in a unique salt formation. They cover more than 200 square kilometres of surface at an altitude of 3400 meters above sea level.

Near the route a house built with salt blocks offers an excursion to the center of the salt flat with an enabled guide. The tour takes 45 minutes and they will tell you the history of the region, the geographical formation of the  salt flats  and how it is currently extracted.

To get there, you have to leave the town of  Purmamarca  on the RN 52 and travel a little more than 60 kilometers, by car it takes about two hours. On the way you pass by the famous  Cuesta de Lipán  at a height of 4170 meters, the beauty of the views in this part are fabulous and special for taking panoramic photos. Of course, as a recommendation: cars usually have a lot to climb at this point, so you have to take care and the necessary precautions. Otherwise, you can hire excursions with qualified agencies that take you to the place from Tilcara or Purmamarca.

 Recommendations for visiting 

 The famous photos 

If there is a postcard that characterizes the Salinas Grandes are the creative photos that your floor allows. Playing with perspectives is the secret, and it is something that the local guides will explain to you in a little while. We also recommend watching tutorials to be prepared and not to waste time on the spot.

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