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Serranía del Hornocal, an incomparable viewpoint

The view of the viewpoint of the Serranía del Hornocal is unique. It seems built with perfect symmetry. We invite
Cerro de los 7 colores
| 11 February, 2020 |

The Quebrada de Humahuaca is not a tourist destination, it is practically a world apart. Inside you can find everything: proposals for tours, music or gastronomy. A destination that stands out within this world is the Hornocal mountainrange.

It is 25 kilometers from Humauaca, approximately 45 minutes by car. At the site the beginning of the path is a gravel path that prepares us for a mind-blowing finish. At the end of the tour we find a combination of dazzling saws. The viewpoint in the Hornocal mountain range shows a unique neatness. It seems to have been designed and drawn with a ruler and pencil case with the best color gamut. Nature surprises with its symmetry in this touristdestination.

The combination of colors is due to the formation sedimentary of the place composed by yacoraite. It’s a limestone that takes different colors depending on the oxidation that the stone receives. This process of formation in the Hornocal mountain range comes from Cretaceous times. Millions of years that today offer us a unique view in Jujuy.

Visiting the Hornocal mountain range is one of the closest ways to touch the sky with your hands. The colorful mountain range is 4761 meters above sea level.

Data to keep in mind for an optimal experience

The height is considerable, the path is a ripe, but it is still a natural space and has its dangers. Those who cheer themselves up to reach the top of the Hornocal Mountain must have patience. Begin the way and do it slowly, without hassling. It is best to take breaks in the route to acclimatize to the surroundings. The ideal is to do it with a guide that can provide better accompaniment and information on the preparation.

The place has access all year round, there is no specific season for the tourist. To get the best view, they recommend setting an approximate travel time, to reach the viewpoint at sunset. The sun at its sunrise exploits to the maximum the range of colors of the Serranía del Hornocal.

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