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San Pedro: the Yungas Carnival

We tell you all about this colorful carnival that is celebrated in the department of San Pedro, in the province of Jujuy.

San Pedro: el Carnaval de las Yungas

Every year during the month of February is held in the town of  San Pedro, in Jujuy  the  Carnival  of Las Yungas. The celebration is a tradition that is consolidated year after year and represents a significant tourist proposal in the north of the country. Unlike the renowned Carnivals of Tilcara and Humahuaca, this celebration proposes a fun alternative that includes corsicos,  comparsas from other provinces  and guest artists.

San Pedro is the second most populated city in Jujuy, there is this colorful carnival for the enjoyment of all Jujeñas families and tourists. The event takes place in the first days of February and lasts approximately one month, although this may vary depending on each edition. It begins with the devil's dig up and then continues with the various Corsican and comparsas that parade through the most important streets of the city. The  election of the Queen of Carnival  is also made and finally the different prizes and mentions are given to the artists who participated to conclude with the characteristic burial of the carnival.

The stage occupies about  10 blocks from street and more than 1800 artists participate.  During 2020 the Yungas carnival showed a remarkable growth reaching a high record of participants, in addition improved clothing, performances and dance. Admission is free and is the most important event of “la pearl del Ramal” name as it is known to San Pedro. A tempting option for those looking for a different alternative to the celebrations of La Quebrada. Unlike these, the sanpedreño carnival has very different characteristics that resemble the festivities held in some  provinces on the coast of the country. 

What to do in San Pedro

It is located 60 kilometers from the capital of Jujuy and its tropical climate is a space that can be enjoyed all year round. The city integrates the magnificent  circuit of the Yungas  which makes it an ideal place for  different crops such as sugar cane, tobacco,  among others, making these agricultural activities the main livelihood of the regional economy.

It is located in a natural mountainous environment and offers visitors a space conducive to tranquility. It has a unique architecture where religious, government buildings and picturesque squares stand out. Among his most important sculptures are La Gruta de San Silvestre and the monument to San Expedito. The main square is dedicated to General Manuel Belgrano and allows access to all key buildings in the city such as the Catholic Church and the headquarters of the Municipality. In addition, the city stands out for the Ingenio La Esperanza which is dedicated to the production of sugar using cane of regional production.

It also has a  variety of sports offers , one of them are  motorcycle races since competitions are usually held here that attract participants from all the provinces. These are competitions that are supervised by local associations that organize them. Motorsport  is also practiced where vehicle lovers can attend the different events that are divided into circuits with important awards. All this in line with municipal and provincial authorities.

Publication Date: 16/10/2020

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