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Religious Tourism in Jujuy

The faith of a people is perceived in each of the corners of the province. We tell you what to see.

turismo religioso en jujuy

 In Jujuy , no doubt, the visitor returns differently. With a soul renewed by the beauty of its nature, the warmth of its people and their expressions of faith and religiosity. Characteristics that can only be found in a village with millennial roots, with traditions that began who knows when and today are still alive in their people.


The aged temples, made of adobe bricks, with a sober exterior, located both in the Altiplano and the  Jungle of Yungas , or in the Quebrada de Humahuaca, treasure centuries-old works of art, most of them of Cuzqueño origin. The map shows small and oratory chapels full of pleas, exvotees, joys and celebrations, many of them historical monuments.

religious tourism in jujuy

Expressions of ancient times today continue to exist as an important part of everyday life in Jujuy.

Thick walls erected in the late 16th century shaped modest temples, scattered in every corner of a surprising geography, inviting to catch fragments of spirituality, history, tradition, architecture and art.


The ancient chapels and churches retain unique artistic collections from Argentina, from imagery to exquisite carvings. In addition to their heritage and historical value, they remain the expression of the living culture of the communities where they are located.

Easter in Jujuy

Jujeño's deep spirituality has countless expressions, including Holy Week. During the days leading up to Palm Sunday, thousands of pilgrims climb to the  Sanctuary of the Virgin of Copacabana in Punta Corral  in Tumbaya, no matter the cold or height. Pilgrims carry their orders and gratitudes, in search of the blessing of the “ Mamita del Cerro ”. Every year, in the place where the Virgin was first presented, at 4,000 meters high, she is reborn to welcome walkers who walk approximately 24 kilometers through a steep geography. His journey is accompanied by more than eighty bands of sikuris, a touching and deep feast, the hill is sheltered in colors, while prayers are transmuted into music. Already with the image of Our Lady, in the twilight of Palm Sunday, pilgrims return to the church of  Tumbaya .

religious tourism in jujuy

In Tilcara, on the other hand,  Holy Week  takes a different tone, scenes of the passion of Jesus Christ are recreated in huge paintings known as Hermitas, made entirely with flowers, seeds, earth of colors and plants. On Good Friday, the day of gathering the faithful evoke Calvary and the Passion of Christ, a usual Living  Way of the Cross  walks through the streets station by station.


In  Yavi , on Good Friday, it promises an overwhelming event. Very early in the morning the commissioners arrive to prepare Mount Calvary within the church, from nearby towns and valleys, bringing in donkeys molle branches, yellow roses and aromas for the cults of the Passion. On top they place an articulated image of the  Christ on the Cross , placing at the foot of Calvary the images of the Virgin of Sorrows, Mary Magdalene and  John the Baptist . With the sunset, the first laments of Good Friday are heard. Groups of people from agricultural communities (doctrines), with slow walking, arrive from towns such as  Inti Cancha , Suripugio, Yavi Chico. Little ones who from the age of 12 have been able to sing the reading of the Passion, they surge songs in a deep lament that reaches tears. At the end of the sermon, the women of the people place the Lord's body in a tomb for the further procession through the streets. The stretched body of Christ is carried in andas, followed by the  Virgin of Sorrows, John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene. They walk the streets stopping at each of the fourteen hermitages prepared with flowers. On the way the doctrines continue to sing and recite the seven sorrows of the Virgin. The night is lit with its paper lanterns.

The blessing of the Tata Inti

In June, the Andean world celebrates  Inti Raymi , the winter solstice - the shortest day and the longest night - and the new Andean year.


During the night vigil, the gathering unfolds next to the “ Grandfather Fuego” -a large campfire - that persists lit until dawn breaks.


For the ceremony of gratitude to the fire is placed on the floor a blanket, on it a colored paper and wool creating a circle, and offering leaves of coca, koa and amulets.


When the  Tata Inti  begins to manifest, with his hands up, the energy that will rejuvenate the spirit is received. It is a sublime moment that those present cooperate in communion with nature. This festival takes place in the intimacy of the communities in various parts of the Jujujuña geography. Tourism can only participate in what takes place in the town of Huacalera in the milestone that marks the passage of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Source and credit of the photographs: Jujuy tourist secretariat (cover Hernan Pagani - Juan Aranda Temple)

Publication Date: 29/03/2021

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