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Jujuy on the way to offer unique experiences with its wines of extreme height in the Quebrada

The initiative responds to the exponential growth of the sector that today scales on the wine map of Argentina.


Training and infrastructure investments to receive visitors and offer a good tasting, together with the ideal of having a tourist package along the way of wine in Jujuy, are the challenges facing winegrowers in the province, especially the Quebrada de Humahuaca, makers of wines from greatest strangeness in the country.
The agenda responds to the exponential growth of the sector that, with risky producers growing at altitude, today scales on the wine map of Argentina with high qualifications and “a unique product, absolutely different from any other proposal in the country,” explained, in dialogue with Télam, the provincial director of Productos Touristic, Sandra Nazar.
“ In the midst of the boom in the sector, the idea arose to think about the incredible place where the vineyards were and take advantage of it as added value for people to buy and enjoy wine on site,” Nazar said about starting a joint work between the public and private sectors. On the
strategic lines, based on a diagnosis made by the National University of Cuyo, Nazar reported that training courses are being planned, to be run since April, for winery staff, but also for those in restaurants, hotels, among other spaces.
“ There must be people who understand the particular thing about wine, can transmit it and make the potential buyer enjoy the experience,” Nazar said, noting that such instances must occur beyond the wineries or vineyards.
Continuing, he said that, as a second challenge, there is the need for producers to adapt their infrastructures with reception spaces, among other requirements to receive a tourist.
In this regard, he said that investments are varied, but not very high, and he said that there are already wineries that venture, albeit incipiently, in the reception of visitors, such as Viñas del Perchel, in Tilcara, and Dupont, in Maimará. On the
other hand, there is a single venture, by Claudio Zucchino — owner of one of the highest vineyards in the world, on the edge of the 4,000 meters high — that offers a complete experience, including accommodation, this in the inn named Viñas de Uquia, located in the town of the same name.
On a third objective, Nazar reported that there is the ideal that “they do not limit themselves to selling wines, but also promote with other producers a line of business with associated products, from liqueurs to a cosmetic line, such as wine soaps, or crafts allusive to the sector”.
The official said that one last important bet is to put together a cluster with travel agencies, hoteliers, tour guides and transporters, in order to make available to visitors a package along the way of wine in Jujuy.

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 16/02/2019

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