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Jujeña craft beer has its festival

One of Jujuy's most popular drinks has its recognition at the Craft Beer Festival.


Beer is a drink that is part of our culture, just like the fernet or the Matte. Jujuy closes the year dedicating a festival to one of them, the blonde, with the Jujeña Craft Beer Festival - Yeah .

Beer is always a companion everywhere: work meetings, talks between friends, a romantic date. The motive does not matter, she is always present to refresh us. In recent years, craft beer has taken on a very important role. Breweries have multiplied as have the types of beer.

The craft beer festival is the result of this cultural transformation we have with this drink. This one has become practically in a science, are prepared specific dishes that have a best answer to our tastes with a beer. Something that generates so much passion deserves its holiday.

The festival will be on 21 December, and the protagonist will be beer, but the event will be a show and a different experience. The Jujeña Craft Beer Festival will take place in the Sandoval complex in the northern province. If you are anxious and want to secure your presence, you can get $200 advance tickets at the Otero 280 point of sale .

The Craft Beer Festival will have live music throughout the event. The complex will have a space for the food court. In addition to culinary pleasures, people can enjoy sweepstakes, themed activities and games. Among the brewers will be present showing their work and products: Warmi, Coplera, Dharm, CL, La Jujeñita, Amore, among others.

Music to accompany a good drink

As long as people walk with their glass in hand enjoying all the events, they will be able to listen to great bands that will participate. The Craft Beer Festival will have the chords and lyrics of Combo Locoto, La Yugular, 12 Pesitos Dub, G.K., Selva Negra Candombe and guest DJ. In addition, Coroico will be present celebrating his 25 years in music.

Publication Date: 20/12/2019

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