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Discover one of the most biodiversity environments in Argentina

Calilegua National Park is a paradise for birdwatchers, with more than 300 species registered so far.

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Close to the village of Calilegua, is the entrance to the  Park  which has more than 76 thousand hectares and constitutes the largest protected area of Yungas in the country. ocelots, meleros bears, yaguaretés, tarucas and a variety of birds, among other species, have refuge in this territory.

Various low-impact activities can be developed that allow a unique contact and enjoy the exuberant nature of the place. It has 9 attractive viewpoints, trails and a bike ride.

The region in which the Park is located has been inhabited for more than five thousand years. This can be seen in references of ceramics associated with the peoples that made up the so-called San Francisco Tradition.

After the Inca period and subsequent Spanish conquest, a series of events were shaping the current situation of this region, in which manifestations of the Kolla and Guarani cultures coexist simultaneously.

What to do in Calilegua National Park

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The options in the National Park are three:  Aguas Negras,  450 meters above sea level, which has a wild camp and pedestrian trails. The  Countertop of the hives , 1200 meters above sea level. With beautiful a gazebo, recreation area and also, marked trails. And  El Monolito , 600 meters higher. This element marks the maximum dimension of RP 83 and the limit of the Park.

Services inside the Park

In Aguas Negras the campsite has parking, toilets (without showers, with water only for hygiene), stove, inn and rotisseria (does not have supply, electric light or drinking water). In Mesada de las hives there is a recreation area (heaters should be worn). And outside the Park, there are warehouses, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and gas stations in the town of Libertador General San Martín and Calilegua.

Recommendations in times of pandemic

In December 2020, a plan for the phased reopening of the park for public use areas, provided by the National Parks Administration (APN), was started.

Camping in any of the recreational areas will not be allowed, nor will the Visitor Center or the toilets be allowed to the public. To enter the protected area you must have the Summer certificate and respect the current health protocols on social distancing, use of barbijos and sanitizing elements, as well as the carrying of items for exclusive individual use. According to the provision of the APN, four shifts per day will be enabled and each shift with a limit of 20 visitors.

Source: APN

Publication Date: 02/01/2021

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By: Clau Pas 24 January, 2021

Quiero ir a conocer el Parque Nacional de Calilegua una cuenta pendiente que espero poder cumplir la pronto!!!

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