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A picturesque place: the historic village of Yavi

Jujuy is a land of beautiful villages, Yavi is one of them, a picturesque place to visit forever.

The village of Yavi, located in Jujuy, dates back to the beginning of the 15th century. In this picturesque place we will find houses built with adobe and straw, wide streets together to varied places of interest to explore. It is a small location, but let's not be fooled by its length because it has to offer us a unique and impressive experience after your visit.

How to get there and what to visit in Yavi

To get to Yavi we will have to take the RN 9 as the best option, preferably in your own vehicle. Through this, we will pass through La Quiaca, our destination will be 17 kilometers east of there at the end of RN 9, on RP 5. Before going out for this long but enjoyable tour it is better to check our car. The car should be in good condition and mainly with the technical checks up to date.

Upon arrival we will find a small town surrounded by superb mountain landscapes that slip into the immensity. The adobe houses with typical roofs are a suitable coat for frosty Puneñas nights. A tranquility floods the wide streets full of an almost endless peace. It is a place ready to rest and relax but with a full schedule of activities.

The first stop will be at the Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario and San Francisco. A beautiful architectural work that began to be built in 1682 and finished in 1690. During the Marquise it was modified several times. Its roof is made of Spanish tiles, supported by rustic logs and a white color in its entirety. Inside it has a characteristic gilding thanks to the alabaster and jasper plates that cover the openings. It is a church with a lot of history in its being, where Masses have been awarded by Friar Mamerto Esquiú and San Francisco Solano. Behind the structure we will find the old mill moved by water from a ditch. This tool grinded wheat from the region and thus produce flour.

The next visit will be the Manor House of the Marquis of Yavi. “La Casona”, as it is known to locals, is a square structure with rooms leading to an extensive interior courtyard of about 30 meters. This mansion at the time housed illustrious characters such as Manuel Belgrano, Mariano Moreno and Juan Manuel de Pueyrredón. Currently within it, it houses a library and a museum.

In our tour we should not miss the town square and the viewpoint. The square is on Lavalle street, a few blocks away from the church, where we can rest sitting on its benches, admiring the beautiful village. Meanwhile, the viewpoint is to the north, taking the road to Avenida de las Carretas. We will realize that we will have arrived, because we will encounter a surprising panoramic view worthy of being appreciated.

It should be noted that the best time to visit the village is in Easter, due to the Easter festivities. The interpretation of the Passion of Christ is performed with an articulated figure and the processions extend until the Sabbath of Glory.

In Yavi we have two highly recommended excursions. One of them corresponds to a short walk of about 4 kilometers along the river to Yavi Chico, next to the border with Bolivia. In it we will appreciate an extensive greenery of crops in a distinctive oasis that only those lands can offer. The other excursion corresponds to bird watching in the altiplano. It covers the area of the Casti-Yavi and Yavi Chico rivers, linked to the Bolivian valleys. The area is classified as an Area of Importance for Bird Conservation (AICA), being a natural environmental refuge with exclusive fauna. The bird that appears only in this region is the gray belly clowner.

To participate in any of these exits, we must go to the Mama Antonia and Tata Portal Museum, which is advisable to visit for the countless archaeological objects it contains. The museum only opens on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 to 19:00 and is managed by the Aboriginal Community of Yavi Chico.

This is Yavi, a town declared of Historical Interest due to its history, the church and the mansion of the Marques. A very pleasant experience to travel, admire and feel it at every step. New air await us there, as well as beautiful landscapes that we can travel. A highly recommended site for those looking for tranquility and for those who are born adventurers.

Rating: 4.50/5.