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Hiking in the mountain range of Villa la Punta

The colorful valleys of the Serranía de Villa la Punta, in Santiago de Estero, invite you to live them on horseback riding, sulky rides, cycling and on foot.

The colourful valleys of the Serranía de Villa la Punta, in  Santiago de Estero , invite you to live in  horseback riding ,  riding   sulky ,  bicycle and on foot. A few  mattes  with  homemade bread  and  sweet Milk  wait on the way back in a city full of history.

The santiagueñas mountains of Villa la Punta stretch like green carpets dotted by red tile roofs and crowned with a celestial and sunny sky with few clouds. In the distance, the town of Villa la Punta can be seen. With its picturesque old buildings with high ceilings, some chapels and zigzagging paths.

Musicalized just by the song of birds and the sound of the wind, tranquility comes fast. The feeling is that of time that stops. Not cold or too hot, the climate is ideal and accompanies visitors on any walk they take, whether on  foot , in sulky, on horseback or by bike.

In the morning the dew makes every detail shine. The aromas of chañar and mistol are sweetly intoxicated. Knowing themselves close to the old route of the Camino Real -Maquijata motivates travelers to take a journey towards remains of great archaeological value. In a short distance of 54 kilometers, three ancient chapels are surprising. In the city, walking through the old buildings gives the feeling of going back time. The people of the community are very hospitable and welcome everyone with joy; while serving a little boy they pass stories on the table. In the afternoon,  homemade bread  with goat  's dulce de leche  appears to connect with childhood.

Activities for everyone

With  family  or  friends  , visitors embark on activities of different levels of difficulty. Even seniors find options according to their possibilities. The different shades of green of the monte santiagueño seduce and invite all year round with their colors. Especially in spring and summer and every Good Friday, when you make a pilgrimage to Cerro La Cruz, a place that also marvels at night walks.

The hostel of the city receives comfortable beds for rest. And with rich food to travelers after their days of peace. There is also the option to dine and sleep in Frías, just 51 kilometers away. Nor are the cities of Santiago and Termas de Rio Hondo, 86 and 105 kilometers respectively. Ideal to combine with this natural destination. Who knows, while  hiking  some are encouraged to walk.

Source: Ministry of Tourism Santiago del Estero

Rating: 4.50/5.