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Guidelines and recommendations to enjoy summer in Argentine beaches and spas

The “new normal” seeks to raise awareness among tourists, providers and lenders about what to do to reduce the risks of contagion.

 verano playas

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, in conjunction with the Argentine Tourism Quality Institute (ICTA), the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT) and the provinces through the Federal Tourism Council (CFT), developed a “ Protocol for Spas” and, together with the CFT, the “Guide to COVID-19 Guidelines and Recommendations for Public Beaches Management ” .

Both documents advise efficient signaling, which includes placing in visible places information on social distancing measures, hygiene, and recommendations for the presence of suspicious symptoms of COVID-19. In addition, they suggest providing information in digital format, with QR code, through the website and/or have billboards, stands, whiteboards or plasticized brochures that can be easily cleaned and disinfected after each consultation.

The guide for the management of public beaches is aimed at municipalities in the national territory that have public spaces such as sea, river, lake, lagoons, streams or other beaches. Its main points:

  • With regard to infrastructure and facilities, compulsory social distancing must be ensured in accordance with current legislation. Demarcatory lines that delimit the spaces may be used to ensure compliance with the limits of occupancy density and minimum distance, promote a one-way circulation for the entrance and exit of the beach, among others.
  • It is recommended that the municipality establish the necessary mechanisms for people to arrange their personal belongings (towels, loungers and others) and remain on the public beach respecting the established interpersonal safety distancing. It is also suggested to provide suitable spaces for hand hygiene.
  • In those beaches that have shade units available to the public, it is recommended to distribute them respecting the obligatory social distance, monitoring that tents and umbrellas of tourists, as well as the area of circulation between each of them are located in such a way as to respect the social distance.inima of security in force.
  • In case of recreation areas, they must respect the cleaning, disinfection and distancing measures. In relation to shows on public beaches, it is suggested not to perform them, in order to avoid crowding people.
  • Tourist services on public beaches, whether managed by the municipality or concessionates, must be provided in compliance with the national, provincial and/or municipal protocols in force corresponding to each activity.

As for the Protocol for Spas , it is intended for all those establishments that provide services such as a tourist spa (sea beaches, river, lake, lagoons, streams or other), in order to ensure the prevention of health care. spread of the virus at all critical points of the service. Among its main points:

  • It encourages the management of reservations and payments electronically, establishes control measures for visitors prior to their entry to the spa, and determines differentiated entry and exit spaces in order to minimize lines and avoid crowding of people.
  • If you have own parking, it is recommended to leave a module free between cars, to avoid congestion of people.

  • With regard to the arrangement of tents and umbrellas, it proposes the definition of maximum capacity by ensuring compulsory social distancing, even in areas of circulation. In case of children's games, recreational and sports areas, proper and frequent cleaning and disinfection must be ensured. If not possible, they will remain closed.
  • The opening and use of swimming pools, SPA and gyms shall be subject to the authorization of the competent jurisdictional authority to operate. If its operation is authorized, it must respect the sanitary conditions established by the local jurisdiction.
  • In addition, visitors will be informed not to touch the products/equipment (chairs, armchairs, loungers and amphibious chairs) that are displayed for loan, sale or rent and their cleaning and disinfection shall be ensured before and after each use.
  • Community drinkers shall be disabled and waste baskets will be available, in waiting and/or high transit areas, wide-mouth and without lid or with pedal operated lid.
  • Recommendations include cleaning and disinfecting floors, sanitary walls and any surface or element of frequent use and contact during service and once completed, frequent monitoring of sanitary and changing rooms, verifying the proper functioning of dispensers and availability of soap and/or alcohol, Paper towels, baskets with non-manual lid. Showers and washbasins must be used individually.

Finally, both documents underline the importance of social distancing, hand hygiene (with soap and water or 70% alcohol-based solution), respiratory and cleaning and disinfection of equipment and facilities.

Publication Date: 11/11/2020

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