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Get to the end of the world on horseback

Peninsula Mitre, in Tierra del Fuego, offers a different experience than only accessed by horse or helicopter.
Tierra del Fuego
13 January, 2019

Patagonia is full of different experiences, of those that completely change you. Tierra del Fuego has the particular charm of being the southernmost province in the country, giving the feeling of being at the end of the world. There you will find Peninsula Mitre, a destination not so well-known and not so accessible, which has everything you need to live a different journey.
Peninsula Mitre is literally the “tip” of this province and is located 210 km east of Ushuaia. It has a desolate and impressive landscape at the same time, with its prairies and cliffs, deserted beaches, turbals and crystalline rivers. There are no routes that reach there: the only ways to get to know it are on horseback (on excursions of at least 10 days) or on helicopter tours.
What can we find there? Remains of ancient shipwrecks, wild horses, remains of the Haush ethnic group, the ancient facilities of the Policarpo estancia and a wide variety of fauna: cormorants, sea lions, foxes, condors, cauquenes and avutardas. But, above all, the excitement of being in a place whose atmosphere is impossible to describe in words.

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