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From City Tour through the Capitals of Patagonia

Viedma, Neuquén and Río Gallegos are three of the most important capital cities in Patagonia. Each one has something amazing to offer.

De City Tour por las capitales de la Patagonia

As tourists we seek to explore the most important natural attractions of the destination we visit. In the case of  Patagonia , these are obvious. Mountains, rivers, beaches, forests and glaciers are the most classic scenarios. But, in all that variety of options offered by the Argentine South, there is also room for tourism in the big capitals. We're talking about the city tours. For its architectural beauty or its history, we show you walks through three Patagonian capitals that you cannot miss.

 Viedma and her nautical life 

Capital of the province of Rio Black,  Vied  m  a constitutes the gateway to coastal Patagonia. The city overturned to its riverfront opens with numerous green spaces. These places gather locals and tourists around the beautiful banks of the Black River.

 If your thing is water, the city offers tourists all kinds of nautical activities . Catamaran rides, recreational rowing tours and traditional open water swimming competitions. Also, small boats such as sailing boats or pamperos and kayaks.

 Neuquén and urban hiking 

Neuquén is  the National Capital of Urban Hiking .  The city invites you to discover the network of pedestrian circuits on the banks and the Limay River . They are very busy spaces for residents and visitors of the city to do recreational and training activities. All in a unique setting of the Patagonian plateau, under the beauty of the crystal clear waters of its river.

The  capital of Neuquén  also has its city tour. A walking tour that invites passengers to learn about the city's recent history. Crossing its historic centre, it is a healthy and exciting walk. An interesting and very pleasant path that allows you to observe the capital city from another perspective. Here you can see the Mirador del Valle, the Monolith Foundation, the Paseo de la Costa and many more attractions. Ready to walk?

 Río Gallegos and its history 

Río Gallegos, the capital of the province of Santa Cruz, is a place with a lot of history.  A walk through the self-guided circuits or tourist buses confronts us with the beginnings of this city . Its historical facts, its architecture and the  Christian heritage  received from the first Salesians.

The city has many emblematic places to visit and explore. One of them is the seat of Government. Back in 1888, the capital of the territory of Santa Cruz moved to the present Rio Gallegos.

Another emblematic place of the capital is  the Republic Square , where we can appreciate its light source. In this place, admiral Guillermo Brown and commander Luis Piedrabuena, a staunch defender of Argentine Patagonia.

 Swift refrigerator and La Blanca grease store are two landmarks for the city  that can also be visited. In 1900 they were the basis for the industrialization of sheep meat, chilled and sent to the company's headquarters in the city of La Plata. On the corner of Roca and Malaspina operated the establishment. A company that had 400 employees, many of whom chose Río Gallegos as their place of residence.

Are you ready to tour the capitals?

Publication Date: 26/07/2020

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