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Vuelta Fermoza, the paradisiacal walk of Formosa

La Vuelta Fermoza combines all the beauties of Formosa and offers a space of relaxation, training and modernity.


It is called Avenida Costanera Vuelta Fermoza and runs along the coast of the Rio Paraguay, which gives it a unique and indelible view. This avenue is the only one that borders directly with the river. It is one of the main attractions for tourists, but also for Formosignos.

At almost 17 years old, this work brings together different lifestyles under modern architecture. For neighbors in the area it is customary to sit and share mates or tereré with family or friends. Sports enthusiasts know that Vuelta Fermoza is the right place to develop outdoor practices.

The place is equipped with the classic elements that we can see in a square or a park. In addition to benches for sitting and enjoy the atmosphere, there are games for children to have fun I'm sure.

At night the walk changes color, but not intensity. The place has a fountain of dancing waters that dazzles its own and others every night. At night the protagonists of the Vuelta Fermoza are the bars and restaurants. These invite you to have a good time enjoying the typical flavors of the province and enjoying the Paraguay River illuminated by the modern lights and the moon.

The combination of flora and river makes this walk an amazing postcard. Vuelta Fermoza is not only a venue for sports enthusiasts, but also for professionals. The tour hosts competitions such as the Argentine Triathlon Championship and the Argentine Duathlon Championship. This is possible only because of the combination of nature and beauty that this point of Formosaoffers.

Vuelta Fermosa, the paradisiacal walk of Formosa

The Vuelta Fermoza is not the only attraction in the city of Formosa. Culture, art and history have proposals for you. The Juan Pablo Duffard Museum brings together and preserves objects and documents that tells much of the Formose story.

The city's theatre is the main promoter of the local artists in acting and dancing. The Casa de la Artesanía is a place that exposes the creations of three cultures the Qom, the Wichiand the Pilagá. The Biosphere Reserve Laguna Oca is an option to be face to face with nature. Right there we can camp or enjoy the spa if it's summer.

If this did not reach, you can visit the Estadio Cincuentenario football that receives great matches from Copa Argentina . The Children's Paradise, the Skate San Fran track, the Amphitheatre of Youth, and even a karatodrome. Don't miss it.

Publication Date: 23/11/2019

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