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La Casa de la Artesanía, the cultural treasure of Formosa

It is a colonial-style house that preserves and promotes the handicrafts of the Toba, Pilagá and Wichi communities.

Toba, Pilagá y Wichí

 Formosa  is a province full of magic, has numerous  natural landscapes  but also with a great  cultural diversity  which makes it possible to connect uniquely with the history of the  indigenous peoples  of Argentina. The northeast province has the largest indigenous presence in the country, and the territory currently houses a total of 192 communities spread throughout the Formoseño dream.

 The Casa de la Artesanía has printed on its walls the identity of these ancestral cultures that are part of Formoseña history and Argentina. It is located in the capital of the province -more precisely between San Martín streets and Avenida 25 de Mayo- and opens its doors to show objects built by the  Toba, Pilagá and Wichí cultures.  The corner seeks  to preserve and promote  artisanal activity by rescuing ancient Aboriginal techniques.

These communities have managed to maintain their traditions over the years, and even today there are  bilingual schools  that reinforce the provincial government's policies to support the indigenous population. A clear example of this is  Provincial Act No. 426 , adopted in 1984. The legislation was the first in the country to grant legal rights to indigenous peoples.

 What to do and what to see in La Casa de la Artesanía 

The House is built on history, it carries with it  respect for interculturality  as part of the identity of the village of Formosa. It was inaugurated in 1981 and allows tourists to maintain a  close and direct contact with the native techniques  that weave the history of our country; so diverse, extensive and varied. Here you can live a real cultural experience because fabrics, ponchos, rugs, bags, wooden objects as well as basketry and jewelry such as hoops and bracelets are displayed and sold.

Most products are made with raw materials of natural origin that are collected from the area, such as wool, clay and vegetable fiber. As if that were not enough, they also offer workshops for those looking to learn or simply observe how communities work with materials to transform them into  real pieces of art. 

In this colonial-style construction, the Cooperativa de Mujeres Artisanas del Gran Chaco and members of the Association of Artisans of Engineer Juarez also works. The space lends itself to promote activities related to the integration of tourism to the relevance of the artisanal production of communities, providing marketing options to them to  improve the quality of life of its members. 

An important suggestion for future visitors is not to haggle their prices, since the sale of the products serves as a sustenance for many families, and they represent the laborious ancestral work of Formoseñas artisans and craftsmen.

 Admission is free and  can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 12 and from 16 to 20.

Publication Date: 05/08/2020

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