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Formists, tourists and ambassadors of their land

The bathed La Estrella is already one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Argentina. Formosa prepares to welcome tourists with attractive hotel, gastronomic and nautical proposals.


The Bañado La Estrellais already part of one of the Seven Wonders of Argentina. After the news, and as part of the “Ambassadors of our land”initiative, staff of the Casa de Formosa in Buenos Aires enjoyed a stay in this wonderful place in Argentina.

Provincial authorities stressed the importance of ambassadors in Buenos Aires, who work at Casa de Formosa, giving know the province, from one's own experience; and thus, become the first person disseminatorsof the attractions of the place to national and foreign stakeholders.

The tour

The contingent toured three key tourist sites . Las Lomitas, where he stayed at the HostalEl Portal del Oeste. The Fortín Soledad, located about 70 km from the city of Las Lomitas; where he participated a guided tour, with a nautical tour included. In this area he was able to observe the varied flora and fauna of Bañado, especially bird watching. One of the most important for bird conservation in Argentina, this area was declared AICA (Important Area for Bird Conservation). And El Pillero, about 45 km from this town, where, according to the season, you can observe from the Yacarés route, snakes and different types of fish. He learned ancestral histories of the native peoples and acquired handicrafts made by the locals. During the entire trip participants were assisted by staff of the Ministry of Tourism.

From the experience

The ambassadors of Formosa in Buenos Aires, in addition to being amazed at the natural beauty represented by the Bañado, expressed their satisfaction with this initiative. “It is essential to visit this natural wonder of Argentina. We welcome people who come interested in tourism and consult us for the Bañado; and it is good to know what we talk about,” said Ezequiel Rosales, one of the participants.

Well for this initiative, which was born between the national deputy Ramiro Fernández Patri, the president of the FEHGRA subsidiary Formosa Ronny Ojeda, gastronomic professionals and hoteliers of the province and the director of the Casa de Formosa in Buenos Aires Juan Manuel Cambra and his staff.

Bañado La Estrella
Bathed The Star

Publication Date: 05/12/2019

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