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Bañado La Estrella: ecotourism in one of the 7 wonders

The nature reserve, distinguished as a wonder of Argentina, is a proposal of nature for you. A pure bond in
La reserva natural, distinguida como una maravilla de Argentina
| 20 December, 2019 |

Formosa in the offers multiple places and activities, but if we are looking for a unique experience with nature, the place is Bañado The Star. For the ecotourist this nature reserve is an opportunity to get away from the city, its noise and its cement.

In the reservation, especially in El Pillero, we have different activities all linked to contact with nature. If you do our is water, navigation through its rivers is a mandatory activity. In addition, we can appreciate the native flora and fauna of the place and establish an unimaginable relationship with the ecosystem. If the water does not appeal to you, you can live the same, but from a photo safari. It is very common to see the Aboriginal and Creole communities who fervently practice their principles and traditions.

The Landfill is a hydrovial site used to control the flow of water through a system of gates. The place is a common spot for regional fishermen and those arriving in Bañado La Estrella. The Fortin La Soledad is another option to visit. It is a small community of 80 families dedicated to livestock and horticulture. Passing through it enriches our experience.

The place has paradisiacal dyes, but that explains why Bañado La Estrella is one of the seven natural wonders of Argentina. The experience it offers is complete, both day and night, the views are must-see.

Going through Bañado La Estrella will make you come home with thousands of unmatched photographs. With experiences difficult to tell because only those who will experience it in person can understand the magic of the place. If you go, you will ensure direct contact with the local inhabitants of the site, you will share their culture and gastronomy. Living El Bathado La Estrella is a caress that each visitor receives from nature, something logical of one of the seven wonders of Argentina .

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