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5 amazing places to know if you visit Formosa

The province of Formosa offers a large number of natural and cultural activities so you can discover the secrets and wonders of this Argentine paradise.


Formosa is a  tourist destination par excellence . It offers visitors a variety of attractions impregnated with a  cultural shock  that mixes Argentine and Paraguayan culture. It also has an important gastronomic offer so visitors can enjoy  regional flavours . On this occasion we tell you  the five essential attractions  of its capital city.

 Coastera “Vuelta Fermoza” 

This space became a favorite of locals. Here you can perform any kind of physical activity or simply enjoy the company of a loved one accompanied by a rich mate or tereré. But this is not all, it also has a fountain that in the evenings performs a picturesque show and accompanies with its dancing waters the beat of the night movement produced by those who approach the bars and restaurants in the area.

 The House of Crafts 

You can tour to learn about the  handicrafts made by three native cultures.  It's about the qom, wichi and pilagá. This cozy house allows visitors to discover the items that are produced and marketed there such as fabrics, basketry, jewelry, handbags, bracelets, ponchos, wood carvings and so on. It is a real attraction for those looking to immerse themselves in the formoseñas roots and discover more about the natural origin with which the products are made.

Admission is free and is open from Monday to Saturday. It allows the most curious to learn more about the techniques used by these craftsmen. Through this knowledge you can get to dismember the customs that hide behind each piece.

 Reserve Laguna Oca 

The 10,500 hectares wetland has a campsite and recreation areas for different sports. It is undoubtedly the favorite choice of formoseños to spend the summer. Here you have  a real contact with water and nature in all its glory.  In the beach area, in addition to enjoying the warmth of its lagoons it is allowed to carry out nautical activities, which are backed by the nautical safety that guard the area every day.

In 2001 it was declared a  “Biosphere Reserve”  integrating the World Network into these categories. UNESCO also recognized it as a  prominent ecosystem in Argentina.  This is because it houses different species of animals and plants which makes it an environment worthy to admire. In addition, it has the particularity that its easy access allowing a natural area, but at the same time urban.

 Juan Pablo Duffard Regional Historical Museum 

It preserves the history of history since his first government by  General Ignacio Fotheringham.  It was built in 1885 and still keeps inside the furniture and costumes of the colonial era. It also  houses documents, portraits and even handicrafts made by indigenous peoples.  A whole set of historical pieces that were gradually selected and ordered for their exhibition.

It has four rooms and visits can be done autonomously, although it is recommended to hire a guide to enrich the walk and learn more about the history and culture of the province.

 Guaycolec Wild Animal Station 

This  ecological reserve  is intended to encourage the breeding of indigenous animal species such as puma, yaguareté, wild cat, among others. It is also responsible for the protection of the native vegetation of Chaco Humid. In most cases the  animals that live there are rescued from poachers or smugglers. 

Located on RN 11 23 kilometers from the city and is the favorite destination of Formoseños during holidays and weekends. Admission is free and free but only on Saturdays and Sundays.

 Formosa is undoubtedly a range of possibilities , a unique contact with nature, history and its roots, a jewel of northern Argentina.

Publication Date: 21/11/2020

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