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Outdoor first aid: everything you need to know

We tell you how to equip yourself and what to do in an accident.


Before you embark on an outdoor adventure, it is important to always wear a first aid kit and be prepared to act on an eventuality. We tell you the basic tips.

 First aid kit 

It should include the following items: gauze, bandages, adhesive tapes, cream, antiseptic towels, scissors and hook pins. It is important to place everything in a waterproof container, to keep items clean and dry.

 How to treat a burn? 

1) Place the burned area in cold water for 10 minutes.

2) Gently dry the area and protect it with non-stick gauze. Make a soft bandage and secure the end of the bandage with a hook pin.

3) Keep the burn as clean as possible.

 How to treat a fractured arm? 

1) I held the wounded arm. Take a large triangular bandage or fabric and place it under your arm.

2) Place one tip of the bandage behind the neck.Then, pass the other end of the bandage over your arm and pull both ends together to tie them over your shoulder.

3) Fold the third tip of the bandage and secure it with a hook pin.

Source: Montagne Outdoors

Publication Date: 27/01/2019

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