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Family camping: 5 activities to do with the kids

We leave you some ideas so you can enjoy your outdoor time with the kids.


Going camping is a great plan to do as a family. For everyone to make the most of it, we suggest some activities they can do. Take note!

  1. Treasure hunt. When you arrive at the campsite, make a list of elements of nature: insects, plant species, etc. Then, in teams, they will have to search for each item. First to find everything... win!
  2. Build a fort. Tie a rope between two trees and place a blanket or cloth above to create the shelter. They can also build it with elements of nature.
  3. Look at the clouds. If you have a cloudy day, lie down on the grass and use your imagination to find shapes of objects or animals in the sky. They can also build a story from what they see.
  4. And the stars. Nothing more fascinating than going on a summer night to see the huge sky that can be seen far from the city. They can use a book or an application to help them identify constellations.
  5. Making crafts. Take a small kit with scissors, glue, pencils, fibers and paper. They can make drawings of nature or create “works of art” with objects they find in the area.

Publication Date: 08/02/2019

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