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Wellness Tourism what is it?

Thermal activity has been present in the world since time immemorial. In a series of notes we will tell you what it is and where to enjoy it in Argentina.

Entre Ríos

To understand the peculiarities of Thermal Tourism, it is necessary to make an approach to the concept of thermal water. Thehot springscome from underground springs that are at higher temperatures. Rain penetrates into the earth by cracks or faults and, entering the depth,warms up.

Thethermal or healthtourism offers visitors treatments for different ailments and/or beauty treatments, where has the necessary infrastructure to provide rehabilitation, cure or disease prevention services, is linked not only to spas but also to authentic health resorts.

To enjoy thiswellness tourism- which has recently been established as an alternative to traditional tourism - we only have to choose very well the place where we want to receive treatments according to personal tastes. In many cases; in addition, we will be able to know the heritage of the place where we are and participate in great excursions that keep in touch with nature .

Effects on the human body

The thermal bath increases body temperature eliminating germs and viruses, increases body hydrostatic pressure favoring blood circulation and oxygenation and also helps to dissolve and eliminate toxins.

The increase in oxygenation produced by the thermal bath improves the feeding of the tissues of the body in general. It promotes metabolism and collaborates with digestion, as it stimulates the secretions of the digestive tract and liver.

Repeated bathing helps to normalize the functions of the endocrine glands and, the functioning in general of the autonomic nervous system. It also generates improvements and stimulus in the immune system, muscle relaxation , endorphins production and regulation of glandular functions.

Some skin diseases may have a marked improvement by baths in hot springs. The most beneficial are: psoriasis, dermatitis and fungal diseases. Sometimes they also influence the healing of wounds and other skin lesions, also helping to decrease the aging process of the dermis.

Hot springs are heavily charged with negative ions, those that have the ability to relax the body, decrease fatigue and muscle aches, and which generates a greater sense of well-being.

The thermal map of our country is wide and varied, some complexes articulate between the playful and curative. Others, on the other hand,are 100% medicinal. In a series of deliveries you'll get to know them all.

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Publication Date: 19/04/2020

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