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Wellness tourism what is it?

Thermal activity has been present in the world since time immemorial. In a series of notes we will tell you what it is and where to enjoy it in Argentina.

Entre Ríos

To understand the particularities of Thermal Tourism, it is necessary to make an approach to the concept of thermal water. The hot springs come from underground napas that are at a higher temperature. Rain penetrates into the earth by cracks or failures and, getting into the depth, it warms up .

 Thermal or health tourism  offers visitors treatments for different ailments and/or beauty treatments, where there is a necessary infrastructure to provide rehabilitation, cure or disease prevention services, is not only linked to spas but also to authentic health resorts.

To enjoy this wellness tourism - which in recent times has established itself as an alternative to traditional tourism - we only have to choose very well the place where we want to receive treatments according to personal tastes. In many cases, we will also be able to know the heritage of the place where we are and participate in great excursions that keep in touch with nature.

Effects on the human body

 The thermal bath increases the temperature of the body by eliminating germs and viruses , increases the body's hydrostatic pressure favoring blood circulation and oxygenation, and also helps to dissolve and eliminate toxins.

The increase in oxygenation produced by the thermal bath improves the nutrition of the body's tissues in general. It promotes metabolism and collaborates with digestion, as it stimulates secretions from the digestive tract and liver.

Repeated bathing helps to normalize the functions of the endocrine glands and, in general, the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. It also generates improvements and stimulus in the immune system, muscle relaxation, endorphin production and regulation of glandular functions.

Some skin diseases may have a marked improvement by baths in hot springs. The most benefited are: psoriasis, dermatitis and fungal diseases. Sometimes they also influence the healing of wounds and other skin lesions, also helping to reduce the aging process of the dermis.

The hot springs are heavily charged with negative ions, which have the ability to relax the body, reduce fatigue and muscle aches, which generates a greater sense of well-being.

The thermal map of our country is wide and varied, some complexes articulate between playful and curative. Others, on the other hand, are 100% medicinal. In a series of deliveries you're going to meet them all.

massage baths with stones

Baths of Entre Ríos: #turismotermal

Thermalism is one of the main tourist activities in the province of Entre Ríos. To the point of being declared National Capital of Thermal Circuits in 2015 by National Law No. 27158

The province, located in the Argentinian Litoral Tourist Region , is the main thermal site in the country with 14 locations and a total of 16 thermal complexes that bring together more than 125 swimming pools, which have different characteristics and properties.

Entre Ríos offers five thermal circuits , each of which has its own specificities and qualities, different landscapes and different complementary tourist products that we invite you to visit.

In the province of Entre Ríos the thermal waters are mesothermal, of telluric origin and owe their temperature to the existence of the phenomenon called Geothermal Gradient. This means that the temperature rises towards the center of the earth at the rate of 3ºC every 100 meters deep. The thermal perforations of Entre Ríos fluctuate between 811 and 1502 meters.

Baths of Centro Entrerriano

The Thermal Circuit of the Center brings together two towns: Basavilbaso and Villaguay. This circuit is closely associated with the Historical Circuit of the Jewish Colonies a tourist product of international recognition that concentrates on its offer to different museums, roads, historical houses, synagogues and gastronomic services.

Salinas Hot Springs in the heart of Entre Rios

Las Termas de Basavilbaso is a thermal park located 300 kilometers from Buenos Aires and 200 from Rosario and Paraná, in a unique environment, surrounded by nature, countryside, tranquility and security.

Its salty hot springs have excellent therapeutic properties, which is very beneficial for body health and well-being. The complex is the ideal place for people to disconnect in a comfortable, warm environment and with everything you need for an excellent stay. It is a space created for relaxation and healthy recreation in contact with nature.

bath in swimming pool hot springs

It has three passive pools with hydrojets with temperatures from 37ºC to 42ºC, one covered, and another exclusive recreational for the little ones. It offers accommodation in bungalows that accommodate up to 6 people, fully equipped and surrounded by peace and harmony.

Its salt water has a very strong mineralization in sulfates, sodium, calcium and its pH is alkaline. They are recommended for the treatment of dermatological, respiratory, anti-inflammatory and locomotive conditions.

Basavilbaso is located at the junction of provincial routes 20 and 39. From Buenos Aires you can access the Zárate Brazo Largo Bridge, then take RN 14, and at the height of the town of Gualeguaychú, join the RP 20 that leads to the city.

Villaguay Thermal Park

Villaguay Termal Park is a completely different complex, a place where health and quality of life are privileged. A thermal center with a therapeutic orientation, structured on medical-scientific bases, which is a different and novel proposal for the province.

It has three swimming pools, two indoor and one outdoor where hydrotherapy, relaxation, rehabilitation and aquagym activities are carried out. All are complemented by health and wellness facilities such as sauna, steam baths, Scottish showers, whirlpools, nebulizers, massages and body aesthetic treatments.

Termas Villaguay has an interdisciplinary team of professionals, who provide comprehensive and personalized treatments to visitors; with scientific support; and a development in harmony and balance with nature. It is an individual-centric specialization, so each visitor is conducted a medical or kinesics assessment in order to identify how to use each space and/or service.

Therapeutic activities are monitored by professionals and are targeted at groups or can be performed individually. It is also possible to stay inside the complex in fully equipped apartments that accommodate 2 and 4 people.

Water is of the Hyperthermal type, with strong mineralization; extremely hard; chlorinated; sodium and sulfated. Its temperature is around 38ºC. It is advisable for people with dermatological, respiratory and locomotion conditions due to its anti-inflammatory power.

The complex is located in the city that is reached from Buenos Aires via the Zárate Brazo Largo Bridge by RN 14, splicing in Ceibas with RN 12, and finally taking, at the height of Gualeguay, the RP 6, then continue on RN 18 and arrive in the city.

Publication Date: 19/04/2020

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