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Unmissable beaches on the coast of Gualeguaychu

In addition to being the protagonist of the Carnival of the Country, Gualeguaychú has incredible spaces to become the stage of the best summer.

Whether with the waters of the  Uruguay River or those of Gualeguaychú, this  Entrerriana city  cannot disappoint anyone. Perhaps, the thousands of visitors who come to your floor annually can certify the gratification of the  experience .  So we wanted to put together a little girl with some  spas  so you can put together your personal  map  and be your own guide; to tourist . There are busy, quiet, better equipped or more rustic ones. Read these names, prepare your bag and  let's go on a trip , as the band Bandalos Chinos would say.


Surrounded by white sands, soft slopes and a natural setting that calls for a dip. One can walk meters and meters into its crystal clear water and still not be in danger by the depth.  In this stretch of the Uruguay River there are no islands that cover the landscape, or cities that pollute the view. So it is an intimate invitation to establish connection with the sky and the calm stream . It also has greenery for when you get tired of the sun, a parador, a juice and smoothie cabin and even a tea house. Then there is the campsite hidden inside a comfortable forest, whose amenities and services make it seem like you are in the city.

 Site of the East 

 It is a paradise that comprises 12 hectares on the side of the Gualeguaychú river, surrounded by nature and very close to the city . It has 200 meters of white beaches where live shows and other 400 meters destined for fishing. The infrastructure is ready to accommodate 6000 people and has a campsite with capacity for 800 tents and excellent services. Music and encounter will never be missing on its surface.

 Balneario Norte 

Installed on the urban floor and on the bank of Gualeguaychú, this spa is municipal property.  It offers catamaran excursions and boat rentals to enjoy the water without impediments . The beach does not have sharp slopes and its grove lends itself to nap or relax. In addition, there is a confectionery — dining room, movable grills and kiosk.

 South Spa 

Its name is due to the fact that it extends over the South Coast of the town.  With the tide of the Gualeguaychú river sponsoring the stay, conquer with its rustic appearance . Among the services provided, it has canteen, sanitary and lifeguard taking care of the well-being of visitors.

 Costa Alegre 

 Coastal landscape accompanied by a camping sector that crowns the spa located near the Gualeguaychú river . It has electric light, grills and a beach bar whose menu can meet all the needs of the attendees. In this regard, exhibit ice cream, delicious drinks, salads, chopped, sandwiches and any provided that one may have forgotten. Not less, it is the dining room with specialties in fish, pizzas, pasta, chicken and roast.

 South Point 

It covers 170 meters of beach that extend to the banks of the Gualeguaychú River.  As if that were not enough, it is located at the tip of a peninsula on a semi-wild estate comprising five hectares . Here nature does its own thing and eco-friendly activities, hiking and photographic safaris are offered that complete the adventure. While it has a supply service, typical dishes, infallible grills, camping, boat descents and places for fishing with return.

Rating: 4.50/5.