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Three proposals for action and relaxation in Chajarí

Chajarí, in Entre Ríos, bets on tourism. The emergence of its hot springs has changed its production paradigms.
Entre Ríos
| 08 February, 2020 |

Chajarí is a small Entrerriano municipality that has made tourism one of the main attractions and sources of income of this place.

The Thermal Baths Complex of Chajari

It encompasses many of the main attractions a tourist is looking for. The place is relatively young, in the year 2000 the hot springs emerged on the site. In 2001 the complex had already been opened, which shows the tourist mentality of Chajarí.

With almost two decades of development it is one of the most modern complexes in Argentina. The added value of the site is the therapeutic properties of its hot springs. The place has two distinct sectors: the passive sector and the recreational sector. The passive sector is intended for tourists looking for relaxation, has pools with hydrojets, hot tubs and water massages. The recreational sector has a semi-olympic indoor pool, ideal for swimming or fun. They have spaces for children, and all sectors have access facilities for tourists with motor difficulties. The place offers restaurants, fast food, camping spaces and regional products.

Camping Spa Chajari

Lake Salto Grande combines forest and aquatic nature. Its beaches are accompanied by a strong green offered by the local trees. This place in Chajarí is one of the most visited by practitioners of water sports and fishing. The place is adapted to all tastes of the tourist. It has a fishing dock, sports area, children’s games, the famous bungalows and camping areas.

Sport fishing

The Mocoretá River and its streams enrich Chajarí’s proposal. The sport of pique is an ideal place to practice here. Paws. bogas, tarariras, stripes, eels and, the most sought after of all, the golden, are some of the fish that can be found.

If Entre Ríos is on your vacation schedule, you can’t miss Chajarí, a proposal for action and relaxation, whatever you are looking for, is here.

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