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Hot springs and wellness tourism

In the Termas de Rio Hondo have installed complete hotel chains that are referents in the wellness tourism of the region.

Entre Ríos

The   Hot Springs of Rio Hondo   are the oasis of   Santiago del Estero   . This does not mean that the province does not have other attractions, but the Termas are presented as a small paradise within the   Argentine North   . The name is given by your   hot springs   which, for decades, were the main attraction. However, the city has changed its tourist paradigms and was encouraged to more, and today one of its main proposals is relaxation tourism.

The high season of   The Thermal Baths   It is between March and July, but that is changing by little. In the city of Santiago a series of luxury hotels have been installed. These hotels are resorts with huge attractions, with casinos and spas. Many of them are chosen by celebrities.

In this way, a hotel became an attraction in itself. A stay at one of these resorts offers swimming pools, massages, live shows, casino, spa and various relaxation services. It doesn't matter if it's hot or cold anymore. The service offered by these   complexes   tourism is gradually breaking the limits of season. Making Las Termas a place of frequent visit.

  Relax tourism  

Life in these complexes sometimes seems alien to what happens outside them. In low seasons the streets can be crowded, but every hotel service will always be crowded. The strength of these complexes is the combination of   rest   with fun. They are places for the family, as children have special activities and armed spaces for their entertainment.

At night shines   gastronomy   , with bars and restaurants in the hotel complexes. Culture and art is in live shows. The casinos that each hotel has have a unique attraction for adults. During the day, massages, spa, playful pool, water gymnastics classes or a Scottish shower are the main activities.

Publication Date: 09/06/2020

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