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Pueblo Brugo, a small jewel entrerriana

Meet the small town of Pueblo Brugo, located 75 km from the city of Paraná, Entre Rios.

Entre Ríos
Pueblo Burgos

The small town of  Pueblo Brugo  is located 75 km from the city of Paraná,  Entre Rios . It has 590 inhabitants in the urban area, reaching more than 1000 inhabitants counting rural areas.

Turistically,  Pueblo Brugo  is characterized by its varied fishing on the Paraná River and its natural attractions which make this place an optimal place for rest and  relaxation . You can enjoy camping, boat rental, bird sightings, hikes and  horseback riding .

In rivers and streams, the icticola  fauna  is made up of eels, tarbalos, paties, mandubies, catfish, moncholos, armed, dentudos, white, surubies, mojarras, rays, etc.

With regard to vegetation, it is typical of the region and dependent on the climate of the province of Entre Ríos. You can see woods (large trees such as seibos, willows, tipes, jacarandaes), low mountains (aromos, shins, chañeros, talas, ubajayes, palms), gallery forests (carob, gnandubayes, quebrachos, talas), llgunas vegetation (straw, totora, chamalots, verdolagas, etc), vegetation of areas dried (chilcas, thistles, belrojos, pencas, etc.) and ilvestres (pisingallos, burucuyá, tunas, etc.).

The relief is smooth interrupted by gentle ripples. The terrain is relatively high, sliced by large ditches resulting from rainfall erosion, and the continuous detachment and dragging of the soil by rains. The coastal edge consists to the north of ravine surface and abundance of pedregullo. To the south geology changes showing bathing areas and lagoons with low and waterlogging terrain.

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Culture Entre Rios

Publication Date: 14/07/2019

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