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New circuits in Chajarí

The municipality of Chajarí, in the north of Entre Ríos, invites you to enjoy five new tourist circuits.

Entre Ríos
Nuevos circuitos en Chajarí

In Chajarí, Entre Ríos, for the months of January and February, in a first instance, five tourist circuits have been set up to enjoy every Saturday and holiday from 9:00 to 11:00 and on Sundays from 18:00 to 20:00. These tours cover different topics related to historical, productive, religious, cultural and environmental. They are developed by the city itself and others are internate in the rural area of the municipality. The starting point of all of them is the  Thermal Complex of the City of Chajarí . They are performed in a minivan with a guide as head of the group.

This proposal is framed under the name  “Entre Caminos - Viví la experiencia Chajarí”  and is coordinated by history and anthropology professionals

what to do in chajari

The Tourist Circuits

 Historical circuit:  It is a tour of the sites where the origins of the city can be seen the first settlement of the settlers such as the Historic Centre, the founding square Libertad, the temple of Santa Rosa, the Chapel and Colegio San José, the Camila Quiroga Museum. Then visit the so-called second settlement, where you visit the Urquiza Square, the municipal building, the Alvarez Condarco school, the police station, the Sarmiento square, Tambor de Tacuari Children's Park and the Ivy Mara Ey Museum. Finally, the visitor will have the opportunity to know the history by touring Sarmiento Street, where they pass through the Banco Nación, the traditional Confectionery Comas, the Casa Salvarredy, the mythical Social Club Building, the railway station, and shopping center of Urquiza Street.

 Production circuit:  proposes a tour where evidence of the stages of the economic history of Chajarí and the region are observed. By Avenida Padre Gallay you visit the Rural Society. On Villa Libertad Street the packing sheds, Fama, Nobel. By Avenida Belgrano the Nation Bank, the Confectionery Comas, the Christ of the Brotherhood, the Agrotechnical School José Campodónico, including visits to horticultural producers, beekeeping, citrus, and chacinados from the rural area.

 Religious circuit:  here is a tour of other sites of religious relevance. By the RN14 (Urquiza Highway) you will reach the Chapel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Colonia Brambilla. In Villa San Roque you will find the Sanctuary to Antonio Gil and the chapel of San Roque, and then pass through the Grotto Padre Pio and the Christ of the Brotherhood. Within the historic center you will visit the Fuente de Sueños y Esperanzas and the founding square Libertad, the parish of Santa Rosa de Lima and the history of the three temples, the Chapel San José, the Colegio San José, the Camila Quiroga Museum. Then you reach the Parish María Auxiliadora and in the Plaza San Martín you visit the Entrepreneurs Fair.

what to do in chajari

 Cultural circuit:  here you will visit works of art, buildings, places that are part of the cultural heritage of Chajarí. On Avenida 9 de julio and Urquiza you will find the monument to Ramón Bernárdez, then you will reach the Plaza del Retilado and its tower of life, the Garden of Friendship, the Plazoleta de las Mujeres and the historic club Tatumandí. Sarmiento is a railway station, Casa Salvarredy, Social Club, Comas Confectionery, Banco Nación. Opposite the Urquiza Square is the municipal building, the Alvarez Condarco School, the Police Station, and the Plazoleta Sarmiento. By 9 July you will reach the historic center where you will find the Fuente de Sueños y Esperanzas, the founding square Libertad, the temple of Santa Rosa, the Chapel San José and the Camila Quiroga Museum. You will also visit Tambor de Tacuari Children's Park, Constantino Caballero Cultural Center, Ivy Mara Ey Museum. This tour includes a detailed reference on Sculptures and Murals by different local artists.

 Environmental circuit:  presents a route that indicates the relationship between the community and nature. On the old route 14, on the way to the lake to Camping Chajarí you can see natural landscapes. Productive enterprises are visited: horticultural, forestry, citrus, beekeeping, sawmills. As well as religious manifestations such as the rural chapel Santa Teresa. And those wonderful bars and rural warehouses. At the campsite visitors will receive a historical account about Salto Grande, and will be able to observe regional fauna and flora, as well as facilities, infrastructure, recreational activities, sports. He returned to Arroyo Sauce and RP 2 where the José Campodónico Agrotechnical School is located, and Urban Solid Waste Treatment Plant.

Source: Turismo Chajarí

Publication Date: 20/01/2021

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