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Nature, tranquility and palm trees

Do you want to see a landscape of infinite palm trees, nature and tranquility? Then, you have to visit El Palmar National Park in Entre Ríos.

Entre Ríos

Palm trees, palm trees and more palm trees. Some super tall, some more moderate. There must be hundreds of them, thousands! But this place, it's not one of those lost Pacific beaches. Believe it or not, this is El Palmar National Park in the province of Between Rivers.

Like all National Parks, El Palmar has something special to protect. A “piece of heaven”, a treasure of nature that Argentines have the privilege of being able to enjoy. Although this park has a little bit of a little bit. Because this great oasis of species of all kinds, covers a territory of 8500 hectares in the eastern center of the province.

El Palmar breathes the serenity of nature, wild animals and the slow flow of streams. However, the Park has a particular diva, one that is distinguished from the rest. It is the famous palmar of yatay, a kind of native palm that gives that different touch to the place. Believe this, never in your life will you see as many palm trees together as in this place!

The yatay palmar is a sheltered species because it is unique in its kind. She lives between 200 and 400 years, and she's beautiful. Its yellow flowers on top decorate the Entrerrian sky.

What to do

The first recommendation is to dedicate yourself to enjoying the scenery. El Palmar offers pedestrian paths that allow you to walk, recognize and admire it. It's an immersive nature experience . There's something for everyone! Mountain, jungle, savannas, grasslands, pajonales, streams, rivers and even a hidden beach. Let's see if they find it!

You can walk along the La Glorietatrail. This path goes through the riverine jungle to a small waterfall and ends between pastures and palm trees. Another option is the shorter YatayTrail, which crosses a dense forest of palm trees, with some specimens of the mountain and the jungle. On the other hand, El Mollar has self-guided signage, as does the La Calera del Palmar trail. The latter is very beautiful and if you reach the end you will find a splendid beach spread over the Uruguay River.

How to get there

To get to El Palmar National Park, you can do it by car or by collective. In a

Publication Date: 05/06/2020

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