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Hiking in El Palmar National Park

El Palmar National Park offers five circuits to get to know you and the best way to connect to the natural is hiking.

Entre Ríos

There is no better way to get in direct contact with nature than by  hiking . In the case of  El Palmar National Park , you can see it from the city of  Colón, Entre   os. There are five circuits enabled for visitors to know the diversity of flora and fauna that coexists in its 8213 hectares.

The most typical hiking trail is the  Mirador La Glorieta . It has an extension of a thousand meters and circular shape, that is, it starts and ends in the same place. From the viewpoint on the banks of Palmar stream the size of the park and the number of palm trees that inhabit it is dimensioned.

There is also the  Mirador del Palmar trail, which deviates six kilometers from the main road, heading to Palmar stream. On this road are imposed  postcards  of leafy groves and a brown water mirror that winds the shores.

The  El Mollar trail , meanwhile, stretches for 1400 meters and is linked by a small road to Los Loros stream. Here you can address the problem of coexistence between the native flora and the exotic and invasive plants that were incorporated into the region.

On the other hand,  the Yatay Path  is a 600-metre journey that focuses its interest in the most prominent species of the park: the yatay palm tree (it can live between 200 and 400 years and reach 12 meters high). This tour begins and ends on the La Glorieta trail.

Finally, the  historical ruins  trail leads the walkers between the quartermaster and the historic site, which is no more nor less than a set of contemporary ruins to the Jesuits of San Ignacio.

Those who are coming

From the park, work is being done to inaugurate in the short term a sixth circuit, the  Sendero de la Selva.  It would be longer than the others, four and a half kilometers long and a route that would border the coast of the Uruguay River. Which would require better preparation for hiking.

In addition, it is planned in the medium term to recover the old  Pastizal Path,  which has an extension of seven and a half kilometers and which was closed long ago because many people were lost. Now the idea of reinaugurating it with mandatory enabled guides is now shuffled.

Useful data

Each tour is well delimited and features interpretative signage. The trails are enabled 365 days a year, from 7 to 20 in spring and summer and until 19 the rest of the year. The park is open until 23rd and has a supplier, restaurant, camping and bicycle and canoe services. Guides can also be hired for excursions.

Hiking requires nothing but bottles of water and light clothing, sunscreen and hat to enjoy the journey healthily.

Source:  Voy de Viaje 

Publication Date: 05/12/2019

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