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Have you visited the largest natural water park in the country?

It is called Pre Delta National Park and is located in Entre Rios. Get ready to see lots of water and lots of nature inside this Water Park!

Entre Ríos

Don't go crazy! In this Water Park, there are no huge water slides, 10-meter artificial waves and percent adrenaline. What if there is a lot of water, accompanied by the serene rhythm of nature.   An ideal place to enjoy scenery, clean air, and that feeling of tranquility that gives us that vital element   .

Pre Delta National Park is gigantic. It has 2608 hectares, of which 70% are submerged under water. It's a water park in order!

  Located in the town of Diamante, Entre Rios, in the ecoregion of the Delta and islands of Paraná, this site is unique in the country   . It treasures a representative sample of islands, streams, lagoons and streams near the Paraná River. It is precisely this great waterbed that, with growing and soudestadas, models the aquatic landscape so characteristic of the place.

  What to do  

The best time to visit and enjoy it in autumn or spring, where the weather is pleasant throughout the day. Naturally,   the main attraction   of this park is water. Contemplating the endless lagoons generates that mysterious feeling of tranquility and vastness. But the place has a lot more to offer. Bird lovers, for example, can enjoy more than 250 types of them, of all kinds and color.

For hiking fans, there are small cumins that tour part of the place. Although given the insularity of the Pre-Delta National Park, the ideal and, to some extent, almost unique way to travel it is on board. From the pier there is a one-hour tour called Vuelta del Sombrero. Another possibility is a circuit that passes through the Las Mangas Operational Post and requires about two and a half hours of navigation.

Finally, there is a sighting of native species such as the river lobito and yacaré overo. National Park authorities report that it is one of the largest icticultural reservoirs in Argentina, some 185 species of fish are registered.


The Recreational Area of the Park, in the Paraje La Jaula,   has a rugged camp   , light, bathrooms, countertops, stove and supply. For those who are looking   greatest amenities   , the town of Diamante is a few kilometres away. There, there are hotels, inns, lodgings, bungalows, restaurants, food houses, supermarkets and gas stations.

  How to get there  

  By car   , head to the entrerriana city of Diamante, located 440 km from Buenos Aires, on RN 11. From there, continue along the asphalt neighborhood road to the Paraje La Jaula, the point of entry to the Park.

Those who opt for the bus, the Diamante bus terminal is serviced from all over the country, and the route to the protected area can be covered by taxi or remis.

Publication Date: 04/06/2020

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