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Gualeguaychú, an option to enjoy

The city entrerriana has stretches and variety of beaches with sandy coasts, with white sands, a different option for this summer.

Entre Ríos

Gualeguaychú is one of the cities chosen by visitors to rest and enjoy the outdoor spaces. On admission to the city tourists are received and information is provided while reminding them of the main methods of prevention: wearing flaps, maintaining physical distance and frequent washing of hands.

summer in Gualeguaychú

The city entrerriana, famous for its carnival, has white sand beaches on the Gualeguaychú and  Uruguay rivers, where you can appreciate and enjoy the various riparian landscapes, sunny days, water sports and all kinds of entertainment with the best sunsets on the coast. We leave you a list of the options you have for this summer.

Most of the beaches, during this season, will be open from 8 to 8 pm. For your income you have to register and have limited capacity

 Playa del Puente and Samba Beach 

summer in Gualeguaychú

They are two free municipal spas that offer bar services, suppliers, toilets, solarium and wooded sectors.

 North Point 

It is a spa-campsite on the banks of Arroyo Gualeyán with 80 plots with dining room and 24-hour surveillance service.

 Paya BKN 

Located in the complex of Club Tiro Federal, it is transformed into a tourist proposal, into a summer destination capable of satisfying the most varied preferences. It has an attractive landscape, where fine sands are confused with the bank of the Gualeguaychú river. It is noteworthy that in this place the most important nautical nursery in Gualeguaychú was inaugurated, which generates another charm in the complex. The beach identified as Carnival Beach, not only because it is located on the premises of the Ara Yeví comparsa, but because the leaders of the country's carnival, adopt BKN, as the meeting beach of the carnival world.The campsite is prepared to facilitate tranquility, offering an ideal environment to disconnect from the daily routine and to be seduced by the landscape of the deep grove of the place.With capacity for more than 400 tents, it has electric power, toilets with showers and hot water, grills, drinking water, Internet, supply, emergency room, 24 hour security, and different services, to make the holiday a wonderful souvenir

summer in Gualeguaychú

 Puerta del Sol 

It offers, to whom it visits, a wide variety of attractions, restaurants and sectors of full freshness.Parque del Sol is a pure nature resort located on the banks of the Gualeguaychú River, ideal to spend pleasant moments of relaxation, rest and tranquility under its lush trees. Listen to the song of birds and contemplate their beauty. To enjoy with family and friends, you can fish, play football games, volleyball or soccer-tennis or eat a delicious barbecue.

 Site of the East 

It stretches along 300 meters of sands where the visitor will enjoy the peace of the landscape and the benefits of the river. It has capacity for 800 tents with all services including 24 hour security. It also has dormis for 6 people with air conditioning.

 Spa Camping el Ñandubaysal 

summer in Gualeguaychú

It is a private spa, bordered to the coast of the Uruguay River, immersed in a vast and rugged vegetation of trees typical of the river entrerriana, the Balneario-Camping Ñandubaysal is a comfortable natural forest.Its soft slopes beaches are bathed by the Gualeguaychú and Uruguay rivers, at the same time they are surrounded by living nature, transforming this region into unique.Due to its special characteristics, water sports are practiced and there are both vehicle rides or horseback riding within the natural mountain, with the possibility of observing horspikes, vizcachas, deer, rhos and more than 250 species of colorful birds.All dining options overlook the river, including the rustic Resto-Pub Scorpio made similar to Casapueblo, designed by architect Páez Vilaró. This exotic place with terraces, open lounge, good music and a full bar service, becomes the center of beach activity and the best place to dance until dawn.

 Los Pinos 

This picturesque tajamar with fresh and clean slope waters, is located about 11 kilometers from the city, on the RP 20. It is a spa with camping has a wooded frame that provides ample shaded spaces, ideal to rest.

 Costa Alegre 

It has a large woodland for tents, provided for sockets and grills, toilets with showers, porridge for washing dishes. And in the same property with its own beaches, with supply to buy what you need, swimming pools and water games for the boys.

Source  Secretariat of Tourism of Gualeguaychu 

Publication Date: 07/01/2021

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