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Chapter One: Five Natural Walks to Do in Paraná through a Paranaense

Today we are going to do an express tour of Paraná by a real local. Fasten belts and prepare your little feet.

Entre Ríos
Río Paraná

What beautiful is my  city  and what little objective is the comment. However, if they look for corroborations, they will always find someone who will  fill it with praise . Many times, it can happen that those of us who live in  Paraná  forget their mystique. But it's a momentary thing, given that just go out and get some air to remember how much we love it.  So full of  landscapes ,  green ,   history,  tranquility and above all, a lot of  river  . In this volume I'll show you a couple of places that  stand out for their authentic nature and dreamy postcards .

 To oxygenate the mind 

 Parque Intendente Humberto Cayetano Varisco:  We tell you Parque Nuevo. A space of 100 hectares designed for educational, recreational, landscape and tourist purposes. Special mention for the Flag Mast that stands on its lands, which was inaugurated on July 9, 1999. Its characteristic height allows it to be appreciated from anywhere in the place, including the rest of the capital. In addition, it was declared a protected natural area in December 2007.

 Leandro N. Alem Botanical Park Walk:  It is a property of more than 14 hectares that is located in the Northern Access of Paraná. Within its attractions, it offers unparalleled contact with the outside. For this, it makes use of a space with native plants and fossil remains of millions of years. It also has a museum with native trees and an extensive bicisenda to explore of more than a kilometer.

 Thompson Beach:  Our beloved seas-campsite with privileged river view. There, those who visit it can relax outdoors and get carried away by what the desire dictate. It has toilets, showers, grills and paradors with indeclinable proposals. Options vary depending on the time of day you choose. If you choose the sun, you can see the ravines, tranquility and boats walking along the Paraná river. Now, on the nights she grabs Catalina. It is that the moonlight turns on the music and it will be possible to enjoy the barcitos or bowling bowling installed in the area.

 Historical and much more 

 Plaza primero de mayo:  One of the most emblematic sites in the city. It is framed between Montecaseros streets, Spain, Urquiza and La Pedestrian. The nucleus that gives life is the imposing Monument to General San Martín, which was set up in 1910 to commemorate the centenary of the nation. In the opposite block we have the Cathedral Nuestra Señora del Rosario, which conquers so much with its beauty. The square is an obligatory meeting point and has numerous white benches displaced by its corners to sit down to rest. It is also full of leafy trees of various species and has two beautiful water fountains on which pigeons rest.

 New port:  We return to the river but now from a fragment of the coast of Paranaense. At the intersection of Güemes and Liniers streets. With wooden springs and gazebos that allow you to contemplate from another edge. No member of our community is going to skip the walk around this area. In their stables people go out for a walk, run, take mate or just stop to enjoy. At the same time, you can discover traces of our history on the facades of outstanding buildings, such as that of the Argentine Naval Prefecture. In addition to this, it is the place par excellence in which cultural activities, fishing tournaments, musical shows and gastronomic courtyards take place.

What a difficult task to list five when the corners of Paraná are countless! However, that's all for today. In the next time, we will continue to cover a bit of what is recognized, but also of the hidden.

Publication Date: 25/10/2020

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