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5 beaches and spas in Concepción del Uruguay to splash in style

Serenity, freshness, relaxation and beauty for vacationing. The city of Concepción del Uruguay is an essential plan in Entre Rios that does not have waste.

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Attractive activities are never going to be missing in entrerriana lands. Our localities comprise the list of most chosen destinations by the rest of the Argentines. And if you want to catch a trip on RN 14, believe me Concepción del Uruguay deserves your attention. We can talk a lot about the history, culture and architecture of this amazing town, but let's leave it for another section. Today we want to show you some summer options to enjoy on the river side.

 Pelay Bench 

Fine white sand on a  beach  that stretches for 7 kilometers. Where do I buy it? The space is surrounded by its abundant vegetation that invites you to rest under the shade. While the water is calm, the sports billboard invites you to practice entertaining activities. There, you can find windsurfing, kayaks, yachting and boating, among many others. In addition, the experience is the presence of a campsite with capacity for 1,500 tents. The latter is divided into two sectors for the comfort of campers, differentiating the family group from young people. With excellent service infrastructure and well-equipped areas, the beach is located just 5 kilometres from the city center.

 Cambacua Island 

what to do in concepcion del uruguay

Away from the town centre and waiting to receive people who want to take off the stress, the only way to access it is by own boats or catamaran services that leave frequently. This fascinating island is home to entire kilometres of beaches and sandbanks that combine with nature. In addition, it offers all the necessary services so that you do not miss the urban movement and forget about the obligations. It is the right place for those who like to enjoy quiet moments and away from the hustle and bustle.

 Itapé Municipal Spa 

It is a characteristic destination of Concepción del Uruguay, which is located on the side of the riacho Itapé, to the south of the city. It was declared in 1942 National Historic Site for having developed in its extension the Naval Combat del Arroyo de la China. Today, it dazzles with its sand soaked in clear waters and the shading of willows. It does so with the help of its 1000 meters of beach that call visitors to take a deep breath in the open air. At the same time, it has a capacity for 250 tents and, in summer, it has different services. Some of them are the sale of fast food, drinking water, surveillance, canteen and lifeguard, among others.

 Paso Vera Spa 

Resting on the edge of the magnificent Uruguay River, it is located at the northern end of Banco Pelay. The spa is confused in the territory of a Natural Protected Area in which walks can be made. So galería jungles and native birdwatching are one of the favorite activities. Also, it has perfectly delimited trails so that no one leaves without a sunset postcard. As for the campsite, it has a reduced capacity for 80 tents. So don't sleep her.

 Old Mill 

It has strategic coordinates in the center of the tourist corridor of the Uruguay River. Its appeal focuses on the waters of the Urquiza stream and a small artificial dam, which brighten family days and friends. In addition, the 40 hectares of monte entrerriano contribute to the experience. For this, it gives off gallery forests and natural labyrinths that make it special for hiking, photographic safaris, and adventure tourism activities. If we want to access the facilities, we will have to do 20 kilometers from the city on RN 14.

Publication Date: 11/01/2021

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