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4 places only for ornithologists

The province of Entre Ríos unfolds several places for lovers of bird watching, we mention 5 that you have to visit.

Entre Ríos

Scientific studies ensure that contact with birds, with nature, gives us a better quality of life.Birds are good indicators of the state of the environment, they disperse seeds, pollinate flowers, control insects and fight pests, but they also inspire and rejoice us with their shapes, flights, colors, songs . Birdwatching is an ideal activity to maintain a healthy body, exercise, mind in activity and meet people and make friends. The province of Entre Rios has several places for sighting, we chose four for you.

Villa Elisa - Bird Watching Municipal Spa El Rocha

bird watching in entre rios

The area of the Municipal Spa Rocha is a very attractive place to carry out this activity that every day calls more fans for birds. The whole area where this wonderful place is located where pure air is combined, clear shallow waters, framed in thick vegetation. Some of the birds that can be observed are striped benteveo, chinchero, chingolos, crepe, fueguero and celestine.

Conception of Uruguay - Las Aves del General

bird watching in entre rios

It is about a kilometer and a half of trails inside the native mountain. It is done with a guide specialized in bird watching certified by the Bird Watchers Club (COA) Güirá Pirá in Concepción del Uruguay, more than 90 species of birds are observed among which there are many cardinals, carpenters, fireheads, thrushes, pyrinchos, black heads, tacuaritas, juan chiviro, herons, among others.

The place also offers a walk to discover specimens of native flora representative of the Entrerriano mountain (carob, chopsticks, molles, ñandubay, talas, shade of a bull, cow's foot and shins) and, also, you can find foxes, skunks, weasels or lizards in the sun.

Diamante - Predelta National Park

bird watching in entre rios

It is located 5 km from the town of Diamante. Most of the park corresponds to islands in the High Delta of the Paraná River. The place has a wide variety of environments that allows a high diversity in birds. Jungle species are combined in paranaense gallery, spinal, pampeanas and even winter Patagonian migratory.

Aquatic populations are abundant, due to the numerous lagoons and bathed. Among the globally endangered species that were recorded are the blackwing catachaminos and the chestnut cappuccino. The royal duck is also present.

Villaguay - Nature Reserve “La Chinita”

bird watching in entre rios

It is located in the noroeste ejido de la ciudad just 4km from the center of Villaguay. There are 15 hectares with trails, lagoons, viewpoints, a hanging bridge, jungle in gallery, and well-differentiated environments that allow the sighting of more than 150 species of avifauna.

The easiest to spot are birds such as hornero, benteveo, red cardinal copete, pepitero de collar, overo carpenter, white loin carpenter, dwarf carpenter, black pollona, jacana, heron witch, chororó, ipacaá, curler, cutiri duck, collar duck, pampa sirí duck; among many others

Publication Date: 05/12/2020

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