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El Chaltén, National Capital of Trekking

Officially declared by the National Senate as the Capital of Trekking, El Chaltén is positioned as a tourist destination for
Santa Cruz
El Chaltén se posiciona como destino turístico para la práctica de terkking
03 November, 2019

The south of Argentina gives us a unique landscape at the foot of Mount Fitz Roy. With panoramic portraits, pure nature, fresh air and a share of adventure, El Chaltén, in the province of Santa Cruz, is positioned as a destination for trekkinglovers.

This young tourist village in Patagonia has an ideal landscape for the practice of different types of this sport. From the heart of the city, different routes with different levels of difficulty emerge, allowing the enjoyment of all visitors.

The various proposals

Short-term self-guided walks are possible, free and suitable for all ages. The routes Mirador Margarita, Los Condores – Las Águilasand Chorrillo Del Saltoare some of the trekking proposals for those who are starting in this sport. These circuits run approximately 2 to 3 kilometers, and are designed to be traveled in 2 and a half hours.

Those with greater physical preparation may opt for excursions with accredited guides and knowledgeable of the trails. Ice Trek Glacier Cagliero is, without a doubt, the biggest trekking event offered by El Chaltén with a duration of 10 hours. This exciting challengeincludes walks through valleys, rock and ice crampons of the Cagliero Glacier.

And the proposals are endless and for every taste. Those who wish to experience the immensity of continental ice Patagonian will be able to hire an excursion to Paso Marconi of three days duration. Or, make the famous Tour of the Ice Field, a seven-day challenge that adventure climbing on vertical walls and Hanging glaciers.

The best time to visit the trekking capital is during the southern summer. The largest number of tourists arrive during the months of January and February, as well as during Easter days. Therefore, if you are thinking about visiting this beautiful city in high season, it will be important to book in advance where to stay.

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