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Discover the 17 circuits of the Natural Route Argentina

The Natural Route proposes to discover Argentina from 17 major territorial routes and 7 thematic circuits.

The main objective is to invite the traveler to discover the wide variety of destinations, circles, attractions and experiences associated with nature tourism that our country offers and which makes it a unique destination all over the world.

Some consolidated and internationally recognized destinations such as the Iguazu Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier or Peninsula Valdes make up these routes. Argentina also offers many other natural attractions to discover with landscapes, great biodiversity, national parks and unique natural glasses that can make every trip an unforgettable experience.

These tours propose us to travel throughout the country through a series of fantastic routes and nature tourism circles, which celebrate the natural identity of each region and help organize the tourist offer with clear and attractive tools.

It seeks to intertwine nature experiences with the cultural, historical, leisure or gastronomic attractions of each region, enriching travel, promoting circles, increasing the length of travelers and helping to create development options for different territories and communities in the country.

Territorial Routes

Argentina has a wide variety of landscapes and ecosystems such as jungles, forests, deserts, glaciers, mountains, wetlands, meadows, marine and polar ecosystems that form imposing landscapes and are the backdrop of natural shows.

We invite you to discover these wonders on 17 great territorial routes that travel throughout the country and are organized based on the natural, ecological or geographical identity of each region.

 Missionary Jungle Route:  It has two natural wonders, the very Missionary Forest chosen in 2019 and the Iguazu Falls world wonder, but it has many other tours and attractions, although less popular, ideal for travelers interested in living unique experiences in relation to the nature.

 Delta Route (Buenos Aires, Entre Rios and Santa Fe):  Very close to Buenos Aires, Rosario, San Pedro, San Nicolás, Zárate and other major cities, the Paraná Delta invites you to reconnect with nature. Ideal for spending the day, make a getaway or enjoy more days for activities and water sports, rest and visit nature reserves and national parks such as Deer de los Pantanos and Predelta.

 Iberá Route (Corrientes):  This route instigates to reveal the incredible Iberá Esteros. Unmissable destination for nature tourism, wildlife observation and rest in natural environments. Here you will find the second wetland on the planet, ideal for experiencing close encounters with animals (marsh deer, barzela, yacaré, capincho, monkey carayá) and a large number of birds. The experience is exalted with local culture, traditions and gastronomy.

 Route of the Valleys, Quebradas and Yungas (Salta, Jujuy, Tucumán and Catamarca):  A region of oppositions, great biodiversity and ancestral cultural heritage. A geography that changes as you travel the kilometers, where nature, adventure, tradition and gastronomy are combined. Spectacular views, trails, accommodation of all kinds, protected natural areas not so known but ready to be unveiled, such as Los Cardones National Parks (Salta), Calilegua (Jujuy) and Aconquija (Tucumán), others more rugged such as Baritú and El Rey (Salta), as well as numerous reserves that invite you to combine trekking, cycling, photographic safaris, astronomical tourism, adventure tourism, bird watching and wildlife in general with gastronomy, wineries, culture and history.

 Gran Chaco Route (Chaco, Formosa, Santiago del Estero, Santa Fe, Tucuman and Salta):  Here you can experience insurmountable experiences in the subtropical nature of Gran Chaco, especially for those looking for wild places, encounters with wild birds. The must-see of this route are: Bañado La Estrella, Formosa Nature Reserve, Chaco PN, Provincial Parks Loro Hablador, Pampa del Indio and Campo del Cielo (a unique place to watch meteorites has infrastructure and interpretation center), in the future El Impenetrable PN (Chaco) and Copo PN (Santiago del Estero), El Rey PN (Jump).

 Route of the Litoral and the Great Rivers (Entre Rios, Corrientes, Formosa, Chaco and Santa Fe):  Framed by Paraná, Uruguay, Gualeguay, Paraguay and many other rivers and streams, the coast is one of the important summer destinations and invites you to rest on its beaches and sandbanks, recreate in its spas, sports and nautical activities, visit El Palmar National Park (Entre Ríos) or its large nature reserves such as Jaaukaingás (Santa Fe), Isla del Cerrito (Chaco) or Laguna Oca (Formosa) to name just three, watching birds and wildlife in general, do photographic safaris, cycle touring, rural tourism or just lie in the arms of Morpheus listening to run to the big rivers.

 Route de la Puna (Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca):  A route for valiant and adventurers, which demands to travel accompanied by qualified guides and also good physical condition. Whoever does it will discover some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet. Like the Natural Monument Laguna de los Pozuelos, Salinas Grandes in Jujuy, unexpected formations such as the Arita Cone, the Devil Desert (Tólar Grande), Arizaro and Pocitos Salt in Salta, and the Dead Man, Antofalla salt flat or the only Pumice Stone Field in the world in Catamarca.

 Route of the Plains and the Atlantic Coast (Buenos Aires):  This route links the natural attractions of the Pampas region with the Atlantic coast, which are integrated with rural tourism, bird watching, horseback riding, fishing, and with the classic offer of sun and beach. It contains circuits and experiences ranging from the mountains of Buenos Aires, to the dunes and rugged cliffs over the sea and the Buenos Aires lagoons.

 Andean Patagonia Route (Neuquén, Rio Negro, Chubut):  The Patagonian Andean Forest offers immortal trails to explore and new places to be revealed. Turquoise rivers and lakes, hidden waterfalls, snow-capped peaks and glaciers, are part of the landscape that protect different National Parks, among representative species such as pehuenes, myrtle trees and millennial larches. Route 40 articulates routes that cross the three provinces and at least five National Parks. It has a wide range of accommodation, from public campsites, Glamping, inns and luxury resorts.

 Deserts and Volcanoes Route (Neuquén, La Pampa, Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja and Catamarca):  Tour one of the most striking landscapes in shapes, colours and reliefs of our country. on divine. Among the must-see of the route are the Talampaya National Park (La Rioja) and Ischigualasto Provincial Park (San Juan - World Heritage - UNESCO, with archaeological and paleontological remains).