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Ullum dam, engineering and nature in harmony

Meet this great attraction that the province of San Juan offers us.
San Juan
Dique-de-Ullum - Turismo
03 May, 2019

The hand of man, in general, threatens nature. However, sometimes their intervention fully coexists with the environment: this is the case of the Ullum Dam, in San Juan, where an ideal environment for rest was created from an engineering work.

Located in the valley, this hydraulic engineering work occupies a privileged place within the province. Built in the waters of the San Juan River, its original project dates from the 70s, although it was inaugurated only in 1981. This dike, in addition to regulating the irrigation canals and generating energy, today became an ideal site for the development of recreational tourism.

Only 8 km from the city of San Juan, it has an environment of beautiful landscapes, mountains and beaches, a must for nature and outdoors lovers. Fishing, water and water sports, and photographic safaris integrate its varied offer. In addition, a set of spas makes the proposal complete and makes this space a vacation paradise.

El Dique Ullum es uno de los principales atractivos turísticos de la provincia de San Juan: una imponente obra de ingeniería en perfecta convivencia con su entorno natural que no podés dejar de conocer.

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