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The little girl who loved dolls has a museum

It is called “La Pilarcita” Children's Theme Museum and is located in Concepción de Yaguareté Corá, Corrientes. Ready to visit?


If you have children, like dolls or are a curious person, this tourist proposal will surprise you. In Concepción de Yaguareté Corá, in the heart of the province of Corrientes there is a museum dedicated especially to dolls. The “La Pilarcita” Children's Theme Museum has more than 250 of them from all over the world. Hey, what's up?

This unpublished exhibition, created by the Foundation Tierra sin Mal, “Yvy Marane'y”, has childhood as a fundamental axis. The stories on display are those dedicated to the children's imaginary of Correntino . Especially the one belonging to the city of Concepción, such as Tambor de Tacuaríor Pilar Zaracho.

Precisely, the name of this magical museum is due to a famous girl who loved her doll too much. In Corrientes it is known and venerated as “La Pilarcita”

The Pilarcite

Pilar Zaracho, later “La Pilarcita”, was a 4-year-old girl who lived 100 years ago in the province of Corrientes and had a tragic death. On October 12, 1917, she was crushed by a wagon, trying to rescue her favorite doll.

From this event, a whole popular belief was generated around this story and became a character of popular veneration. On the anniversary of his death, thousands of Correntinos come to visit the site of the accident. As an offering they leave dolls from different parts of the world. In the so-called Fiesta de La Pilarcita, it is traditional, also, in the festivities, typical meals and a chamamecero festival in honor of the girl.

In addition, Pilar has a shrine in which it is remembered, located 30 kilometers from the town, on Route 22. She is credited with the ability to work miracles and help in difficult times. Now, he also has a museum!

What to see

The Children's Theme Museum “La Pilarcita” is ideal to visit with the little ones. Its main appeal is, of course, dolls. But there are also legends and landscapes of Correntino. In addition, you can listen to children's stories by María Elina “Marily” Morales Segovia, who donated more than 250 dolls from around the world.

The oldest piece in the Museum is a doll of origin Inca (Peru) believed to be a thousand years old and is made of natural fabrics and fibers.

This educational, recreational and children's space offers, finally, a place for children's

Publication Date: 28/05/2020

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