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Fishing is the excuse

The fishing plan starts a few months early, bringing everyone together, setting a date and booking the accommodation, the boat and the guide.

We are not a few fans of sport fishing. I say this with knowledge of the facts, as a couple of times a year I program together with a group of friends the unfailing fishing to the Paraná River, Corrientes, in search of the precious Dorado or the Surubí.

The plan starts a few months earlier, agreeing on the date and looking for everyone to arrange their things to book the lodging, the boat and the guide. A few weeks before and in coordination, the preparation of the right equipment begins, the canaflexible of a stretch to enjoy the pique, the reel with a good amount of 40, the boys, the lures and the lines with the hooks well sharpened. As an accessory you can't miss matte, music, a good cap and rain gear just in case.

The crossing

The trip is usually an adventure in itself, and the arrival - the moment of relaxation. When we begin to breathe the air inside, where it seems like time never passes. We usually spend two days fishing and leave very early. So, we don't carry supplies, confident in catching a good piece that will allow us a fritanga on the island.

Between the talks, neither football nor women can fit anymore; it definitely gives rise to pique, hitch, if the river is high, if the fate will be the delta or open river, if the fish are hungry or if the night moon will be full... as if it were “the posta”. In short, the experience is usually very interesting and according to the fishing of the day and about the closing, the competition begins and the loaded ones... That didn't measure, that your thing was a keychain, that you caught it lucky, that the pigeon is richer and so many fun chicanas that make the afternoon happy.

Lunch? Well, it depends how the day went... and the best thing comes when we return and cross with other boats ፦"And how did it go?“. - “All right, we got two gilds, one surubí and two pacu, but we took them back to the river...

Fishermen have earned the nickname of liars and exaggerated, although sometimes we recognize that it may not be the best day and that the important thing is the experience of sharing, after all fishing is just the excuse.

Rating: 4.00/5.