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Corrientes, the paradise of sport fishing

Corrientes is the pole of sport fishing in Argentina, has hundreds of kilometers of rivers and unique specimens for practice.


Corrientes has more than 750 kilometers of coastline over the Paraná, Corrientes and Uruguay rivers. This transforms the province into an ideal choice for sport fishing enthusiasts. Corrientes has the second largest freshwater reserve in the world in the Iberá Esteros.

The high season for correntina fishing is given March to November. Touristically it is important for Corrientes, as it guarantees that most of the year has a convening activity. Fishing is an activity that can be developed competitively or personally as recreation or relaxation.

The Paraná and Uruguay rivers are home to the most important fishing tournaments. The protagonists are also the fish: goldfish, surubis, pacú and bogas are the most sought after species.


Sport fishing modalities

  • Spinning: Its translation means spinning, refers to the movement that the lure makes underwater imitating the movement of an animal. It is used to attract surubis and golds.
  • Trolling: It is a drag technique where the lures are mobilized by the boat. It is ideal for salmon fishing, and large surubis and gilded in Alto Paraná.
  • Fly or Flysifhing: It is a traditional modality, widely used for catching salmon, in summer, and tiger rivers, in winter, in all the rivers of the coast.

Fishing in Corrientes is regulated, that is why it is necessary count the convenient permits to practice sports. Is different levels in the permits granted and in the categories of practitioners too. Local residents have a different permit than tourists who practice sport fishing. Licences are also issued on vehicles used and the specimens that are captured.

If fishing is your passion, you have to visit Corrientes, sport fishing will take you to unique destinations on the coast. Prepare your cane, come for a different adventure.


Publication Date: 23/01/2020

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