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The Lord Found

This devotion from the province of Corrientes mobilizes annually thousands of pilgrims who arrive there to thank for the favors received

el señor hallado empedrado corrientes

In  Empedrado , Corrientes, devotion to the Lord Found dates back to 1773, when Felipe Olivera, a neighbor of the area, pilgrimage to the  Shrine of Our Lady of Itati , in fulfillment of a pledge of gratitude for a favor received.

The little more than 120 kilometers that separate both localities, added to the summer, made it difficult to walk the pilgrim. Fatigued, Philip decided to rest in the shade of a voluminous and thick tree. He fell asleep and when he awakened his gaze caressed the beauty of the protective tree, at that moment he saw a crucifix tied between the branches. Surprised by the discovery, he unleashed him and took him with him what was missing from the trip. Upon arrival the priest of the sanctuary is told what happened, the priest tells him that the fact is a miracle.

On returning to Empedrado he commented on what happened to  the parish priest of the city , who ratified the opinion of his pair of Itatí. Since then, the divine power of the  Lord Found has been determined, the place that tradition marks as the one that was found the image, that place called El Sombrero.

The growth of the population around the  Olivera ranch  and the dissemination of the cult of the Lord Found necessitated the construction of the chapel that was authorized and built in 1807. Twenty years later, a larger one was built on the same ground, which, with successive and periodic parts, came until 1911 when the present parish temple was inaugurated.

The years have passed, chapels no longer exist, but Olivera's happy find remains intact on the main altar of the present church and in the heart of all the empedradeños.

Sanctuary of Our Lord Found

The church of Our Lord Found was erected in 1825, the current temple is 1890. Inside it is venerated the image of a Crucified Christ of more than three centuries placed on a  Wooden Cross .

The luminaire hanging above the altar belonged to the Winter Mansion, a luxurious hotel located in the village, demolished in the early years of the last century. The altarpiece is made of Carrara marble.

The  Sanctuary  of Our Lord Found contains a love story, that of the architect Santiago Scalella who decides to take his habits when his girlfriend died, shortly before he married. He built the Church in memory of his beloved. On a side wall, the Nuestro Señor Found Mural was made in 1999.

With the dawn of September 14, what is called the departure of the Lord Found takes place, where parishioners carry him around Plaza 25 de Mayo and then sing in their homage.

Publication Date: 09/08/2020

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