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How to make the most of your visit to the Iberá Esteros

The Iberá Esteros are one of the largest and richest wetlands in the world we are lucky enough to have in our country.


“ Water that shines ”: that means  Iberá  in Guarani. And it's not for less: water is the main element of one of the largest and richest  wetlands  in the world we are lucky to have in our country. The  Iberá Esteros , located in the province of   Corrientes  , were donated by the NGO Conservation Land Trust (CLT) to the national state quite recently: on December 5, 2018, the National Congress passed the law on the creation of the   Iberá National Park  .

Since then, the influx of tourism is growing more and more. Everyone wants to know this enchanted world of  lagoons , estuos, reservoirs, bathings and rivers, where a huge number of plant and animal species live.  Nature in its purest form , and within reach of all.

That is why today we want to leave you some important information so that you can make the most of your visit to  the Iberá Esteros .

 Where to stay? 

The best option is to stay in the nearest village,  Colonia Carlos Pellegrini , which has several accommodation and  camping options. The other alternative is to get from the west, on the side of the Correntine capital, and make base in the village of Mburucuyá. From the north, the closest city to los Esteros is Ituzaingó. Around the booking there are several all-inclusive rooms: that is the most comfortable option, but also the most expensive option.   Homestays  are also an excellent alternative to stay.

 What is the best time to go? 

The intermediate seasons are the most recommended to travel to the Iberá Esteros:  autumn or spring . During the spring, you will find the incredible color of flowers. In addition, many species of animals have their offspring at that time. During the fall, the fall of the leaves gives greater visibility and it becomes easier to find animals.

 What to do? 

The Iberá esteros are, above all,  water . That's why much of the activities include sailing trips, whether guided  boat, canoe or kayaking . It is interesting to live the experience of  horse-drawn canoe  and canoe to botador. You can also tour in 4×4, by bicycle, horseback or walking. It is an excellent place for  photographic safaris  and bird watching. You can also dive and snorkel. And something very different: it is possible to sleep in the reed houses of islanders, in the middle of the estube, and go out to paddle at night and illuminate the fish under the water. To make the most of your visit, it is best to hire one of the  Vaqueans  on offer to accompany travelers.

What to wear?

  •  Clothing : While it's hot, you have to have long sleeves, fresh cotton clothes, hat and sunglasses. You also have to wear a coat, because at night it refreshes.
  • Binoculars, flashlight,  repellent  and sunscreen
  •  Provisions : In Cambyretá, San Nicolás, Laguna Iberá and Carambola there is no supply inside the Park. Get ready!
  •  Cash: In Colonia Pellegrini there are no banks or ATMs.

A few more tips...

  • There is not very good phone or internet signal in much of the area.
  • There is no gas station to refuel (you have to fill the tank in Mercedes, Corrientes or Posadas).
  • Disconnect and enjoy nature!

Publication Date: 12/11/2019

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