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A place called Empedrado

In the province of Corrientes there is a beautiful and serene city with prominent cliffs and paradisiacal beaches. We invite you to get to know Empedrado.

The city of Empedrado in the northwest of the province of  Corrientes , is known as  La Perla del  Paraná  . They attest to this, those incredible ravines that protrude from the waters on imposing earth wallings. Giving that particular and striking touch to the city landscape.

But,  the great attraction of this town in Correntina is its beautiful  beaches  . Wide shores of sand and river, which are combined with serenity, nature and history. It is that Empedrado is a point on the map like any other, but by the end of the nineteenth century, it already had a reputation as a tourist  destination  . In those years, it began to be frequented by its unique spas by tourists in Correntinos. And not just for them! The steamboats of the Paraná River arrived every year, full of Argentine visitors from all  corners of the country .

Cobblestone is also famous for many more things. For being a great fishing center, for its serene streets, the kindness of the people and its religious circuit. We tell you what things you have to do in this beautiful city in Correntina.

 The beach 

We already said, the beaches of Empedrado are beautiful wherever you look at them. Access is very easy, as there are several points of descent to the  river  from the city.There are also numerous islands and sandbanks accessible with small boats to visit.


For lovers of this activity, Empedrado has a lot to offer. On its shores you can fish large pieces such as  golden , surubí, vogue, pacu, all species very recognized for the quality and taste of their meats.

Fishing is varied all year round, which together with the beauty of sunsets make it a highly sought-after destination for  fishing lovers .

 Dora Theatre 

This Provincial Historical Monument dates from 1916. Today it is the Casa de la Cultura, which serves as a venue for exhibitions, courses, fairs and workshops for  folk dances. 

 Historical-religious tourism 

Being a colonial city, Empedrado has many historical sites to explore. However, its main attraction comes from religious tourism.  On August 20, the town welcomes thousands of pilgrims who come to ask and thank  San La Muerte  . The sanctuary is located on RN 12 and has grown over the years. He is not recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church, where he is considered a pagan and is not recommended to worship him because he is considered diabolical.

However, this Popular Saint is a revered entity in much of Latin America. In our country it has strong roots in  Corrientes , however, by internal migration, it is possible to see hermitages in different parts of Argentina. It is important to have reservations if you plan to travel on that date. Another important date is September 14, the day of the Lady Found, the town's patron saint's holiday. A story that arises from the hand of Felipe Olivera, neighbor of the place. But that unmissable event will be the subject of another note.

 Interest Data 

If you want to travel by bus to Empedrado you can do so through the following companies: Nueva Chevallier, VOSA Veraye and Via Bariloche.

The following routes are located nearby and can be taken as a reference to travel by car, the town is almost on RN 12. Another access from the provincial interior is PR 10.

The offer to sleep is varied from hotels, inns, cottages and a campsite.

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