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3 rooms to enjoy in Corrientes

Corrientes has very particular customs and traditions. If you like the tourism of estancias, get to know these places.

3 estancias para disfrutar en corrientes

Rooms immersed in green spaces, with large galleries and fresh courtyards, family traditions that remain intact and are shared by guests who reach them. On the other hand the gaucho correntino, true host of the province, a right-handed rider, skillful in dressage and management of the loop. This typical character makes a friend of cult to mate and chamamé, the typical music of the coast. Families traditions and customs remain intact, so we recommend three exclusive places to stay.

Pira Lodge, Ibera

The Iberá Esteros National Park (Guarani language, meaning “clear water”) is one of the most important freshwater reservoirs in the world because it is classified as the second largest wetland on the planet after the Pantanal in Brazil, which is also huge. The area includes more than 12 thousand square kilometers of estuos, crystal clear streams, shallow waters and ponds. This lodge, in the province of Corrientes, is strategically located in the region and is ideal for lovers of fly  fishing  . A rich habitat where the ecosystems of the estuary and the Corrientes river converge. El Dorado is the king here.

3 rooms to enjoy in corrientes

Built in exquisite Correntino style and pride, Pirá Lodge offers spectacular panoramic views of the vast wetlands. It can accommodate up to 10 people in five deluxe rooms, each with its own entrance, private bathroom, two double beds, ceiling fans and air conditioning. A separate building, connected by covered corridors and outdoor patios, houses the spacious living room, bar and dining area, each with high doors leading to the spacious terrace. Pirá Lodge was designed by award-winning architects to respect traditional regional elegance and offer all the comfort and luxury of a modern hotel. The place must relax and enjoy, enjoy a cocktail at any time and cool off in the outdoor pool after a rewarding day of fishing.

Torre de Guayiabi, Mercedes

This accommodation is clearly different. With a unique personality. You just have to be there to realize it. The surrounding atmosphere of the place says it all. An area of a different time as the inhabitants of those lands knew how to live. Where time becomes vital again and it is recognized that life is the present. The aesthetics of the lodging awakens the most unexpected senses of the visitor. The basalt stone, from the heart of the earth, the wood in abundance and a library with books to lots, which together give the place a very special magic.

3 rooms to enjoy in corrientes

The guest will feel it at all times. The spacious rooms with an aesthetic that invites the joy of living. It also has three suites where luxury impresses. One of them is made entirely of stone and has a medieval air. Wooden floors, Belgian linen curtains, two double beds create a pleasant, solid but airy space. Breakfast is up to the saying “I had breakfast like a king”. Meals are an expression of good living, always to the taste of the visitor. In many ways, the guest will feel in a different place. In another world, literally.

 Address: Ruta Nacional 123, Km 128, Mercedes

Ypa Sapukai

Ypa Sapukai in Guarani means “The cry of the Laguna”, and with that name it attempts to convey the most intense and profound feeling to those who visit it: the cry of nature in its greatest splendor. Along the paths, sailing through the estuos, or simply walking around the room, all the senses flow, bringing to the surface the experience of full contact with natural and wildlife. Therefore, from Ypa Sapukai, this experience is accompanied by providing all the hospitality and simplicity of Correntina, rescuing and reviving the spirit of the region.

3 rooms to enjoy in corrientes

The inn is located a few meters from Lagunas del Ibera, immersed in a forest of native flora that offers in every corner an ideal environment for rest, discovery and contact with nature, where the singing of birds allows to share a quiet place. With the idea of the exclusivity and tranquility of the guests, the grand house has only five rooms decorated in a cosy way. All of them have direct access through the gallery, which simply opens the door you can enjoy the park at the moment you want. The gallery runs along the perimeter of the house and communicates with the dining room. All home-cooked meals prepared by hand are served there.


There is also the living room, which simply invites you to watch a book or have a drink by the fireplace. Nothing more comforting after a long day of activities. In the park there is a swimming pool and sun loungers to cool off on hot days. To get into the esteros, a specialized guide takes passengers through the different circuits of the lagoon, to know the secret nature has to offer in all this. Clearly a unique place, which invites you to share with the family.

 Address: Mburucuyá Between Guasuvirá and Capivara, Colonia Carlos Pellegrini

Publication Date: 14/03/2021

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