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Why visit Cordoba? Here we give you 6 reasons

In this note we give you six reasons to know the city of Córdoba: unique, special and different. With proposals that invite visitors to live unforgettable experiences.

Córdoba Argentina

 In fact, there  are plenty of reasons to visit Córdoba, our beloved from the province of Argentina, the of the green mountains and the crystalline rivers.  The one with the tonada that falls in love, the fernet and the quarteteras dances. Which is  thousands of experience in just one province . It is the focus of culture, history, nature and has an excellent gastronomy to discover. This is the  heart of the country, a surprising and welcoming metropolis.  Not only does it  become a key destination for all  Argentines, as your airport receives internal flights. If not also,  it is directly connected  to Europa via the Air Europa route that connects it with Madrid. That's why it is a  great tourist destination for people from all over the world.  Not only for the student population, which is the one that often  comes to visit and ends up staying to enjoy the Cordovan university experience  . If not also for  restless and curious travelers looking for destinations full of new experiences to get to know the world. Here is a list of the key reasons  to visit the city  of Córdoba:

 University city 

The imprint of his past is breathed in its streets and  facades that reflect the presence of the arts and sciences.  Its university,  the oldest in the country and one of the first in the continent, dating from 1613, maintains vividness in its spirit. She's the one who baptizes the city as  La Docta. And it is that students here and there give an  air to bohemian, naughty and fresh.   In a diverse and young cultural atmosphere  , of pure dynamism.

 Historic city 

 With more than 400 years old, its original buildings are located in the Jesuit Apple, the nerve center of any tourist route in the city.  Unesco declared this  World Heritage Site in 2000.  This block is located  in the center where historic buildings from the time of the foundation accumulate, such as the  National College of Monserrat (headquarters of the former rector's office),  the Major Library, the Residence, the Domestic Chapel and the Church of the Society of Jesus  which, next to the cathedral, is one of the most important religious centers. They show that the role of the Jesuits in the urban configuration of La Docta was transcendental. In addition,  pre-Columbian remains are preserved that reflect historical cultural data central to Argentina.   The presence of  Comechingones and other native peoples left their marks on the mountain landscapes and today you can visit them.

 Central City 

The same location of the city,  positions it in a very important place  for the country and its consolidation. It is not only  the second largest city in Argentina,  but also consolidated as a  strategic point during the 16th and 17th centuries.  Córdoba has an  ancestral crossroads soul,  which is preserved to the present day. Since it becomes the center of events and congresses of all kinds.  Cordoba is the heart of the country. 

 Haute gastronomy 

 The  city's  gastronomic offer  is the perfect excuse to organize a trip to Cordovan lands.  Within La Docta, the Paseo del Buen Pastor, is a commercial and recreational complex that is a reference point in the neighborhood of Nueva Córdoba, and currently offers a wide range of gastronomy.; mica . This tour that was converted from a prison for women today is a  gastronomic pole from which to access the best elaborate menus,  or  street stalls  where you can find classic  choripans, native cheeses and all kinds of products local. In addition,  the strategic point that occupies the city , enables you to  travel unmissable mountain roads that offer a wide range of variety and quality in regional products. 

 A unique wine 

But if there is a protagonist on the table of every Cordovan restaurant, it is definitely wine.  Oenology is sacred science in the quarteapot region . The development of this industry runs almost parallel to that of the city. There is a record of  the first vines in the first Jesuit settlements ,   at the beginning of the 17th century .  That currently make up indescribable walks. Currently excellent broths of red and white grapes are produced that take advantage of the geographical conditions and climate of the area to configure the strength of this product.

 Serrano air 

 Cordoba is a land of landscapes, full of photographs and postcards waiting to embrace its visitors.  It is a province that runs between the  heights of its mountain ranges and its water mirrors of all types . Between Mar Chiquita, the magical space of the Mediterranean province; Las Altas Cumbres, which say it all with its name; The National Park of the province  that is located at this height , the Quebrada del Condorito; And many points iconic of the province that give you incredible walks.

 In these lands there is an unparalleled diversity that unfolds between gastronomic, natural pleasures, excursions and more... Córdoba awaits you. 

Publication Date: 12/11/2020

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