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Where is the heart of the country

The province known as the heart of the country, has in turn an exceptional historical centre. We tell you everything about this key place.


We talk about  the province of Córdoba,  which is located in the center of the country.  The Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption  is one of the first and main  colonial works  in the province. Its construction began in 1599. However, that temple collapsed in 1677 .  The building of the present church began. That was achieved  thanks to the work of thousands of people.  In 1784 today the  Cathedral of Cordoba  was officially consecrated even unfinished. It does not have a particular style because many builders participated in the 100-year project. The last interior details were added by the catamarqueño rtista Emilio Caraffa,  key personality of  Cordovan history .  At the beginning of the last century,  this beautiful temple ended, becoming  the heart of the city. 

Its design is the result of meticulous, organized and worthy work to admire. This building is considered, in turn,  the heart of the historic center of Córdoba,  which is composed of the Cordovan Cabildo,  the Jesuit Apple  and San Martin Square  .

The Cathedral is separated from the Cabildo by the old  alley called Santa Catalina.  A passage of cobblestones that connects us with a past full of stories, and returns us to the  times of carts and conquest. 

A particular visit

The Municipality of Capital offers a private walk, the visit to the Bell Tower of the Cathedral. The route clearly shows the miscellaneous  architectural styles . There are, for example, classic, baroque with American stamp and Italian classicist Mannerism.

To reach the bell tower, the guided tour begins in the inner courtyard of the temple, where a centuries-old fig tree keeps thousands of  secrets . Both towers are crossed, in the South is where there are the four bells dating back to the 19th century, today with an electric activation system. When you walk through the historic center of the city they will tell you the beginning of every hour, a tradition that has been preserved for hundreds of years.

 Come on! 

Thousands of parishioners, and no, from all over the world come to the Capital to admire it. The Cathedral Church is one of the most representative  icons  of the city. Its brightness, mystique and beauty are of a unique caliber. It is  the star of the city,  not only for Christians but for all those who know how to recognize and admire the great artistic works. Not for nothing  is the fourth artificial wonder of the Cordovan capital.  To find out what it is,  from afar , you can enter  the virtual tour , to feel the energy that invades you and makes the heart begin to beat more Quick,  you have to meet  this Cathedral.

 Interest Data 

Inside you should visit the chapel of the Holy Sacrament, and its silver tabernacle made in 1804 by Manuel Garay. Behind is the Penitential Chapel and at its top, the image of  Our Lady of the Assumption  brought by Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera in 1573 known as the Founding Virgin.

The front faces northwest. This data cannot be explained since the temples of that time should have the main altar facing Jerusalem, in this case it should be towards the Northeast.

At the back of the Cathedral is the Founder's Square with a patinated bronze sculpture reminiscent of Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera.

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Publication Date: 04/06/2020

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