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We look forward to summer taking care of ourselves

Domestic tourism is already active in Córdoba, that is why the lifeguards are preparing for this season with rivers full of pandemic context. We tell you everything you need to know

Turismo Córdoba

 With the opening of provincial tourism, the lifeguard season also began,  who are responsible for guarding the rivers that cross Villa Carlos Paz. Annually, there are many accidents due to negligence or ignorance of visitors.Since  rivers have a life of their own and many are dangerous. Currently, the city of Carlos Paz,  the most visited in all seasons , has  17 places installed in all the spas.  There  are 40 lifeguards  who, from Monday to Monday and from 10 to 20 hours,  will act throughout the summer  with the aim of  preventing accidents and saving people from  risky situations.

Let the game begin!

 With regard to this reactivcation, the head of the Municipal Guardavidas Corps, Ariel Ferrando gave his opinion to the media.  C omented about what was the first week since they returned to work, and noted that “ it is noticed that people are already arriving  from different parts of the province to enjoy the rivers” ; so he considered it necessary that the guards were already find  acting daily.  Ferrando argued that, due to the drought period we have been passing through,  the river is lower and with less water.  Which helps to make  fewer rescues for drowning risk.  However, he pointed out that  “  much more caution should be exercised  to avoid accidents with rocks and stones.” 

Ferrando insisted that one  should be aware  and, first of all, ask  what the conditions of the rivers are  before going to swim.  “ The rivers are very low and many times there are locals and tourists who come  every year  and are used to pulling out a certain sector; then they are confident that know and leave,”  he said. But, faced with this recurring situation, he said that      “the first thing to do is to consult with the lifeguards how the rivers are,  if they are shallow; and in any case, if they know how to swim, check the depth somehow; but  you  always have to check”. 

Protocols and warnings

On the protocols, which must also be respected by the lifeguards for the coronavirus pandemic, he said that  all staff should remain fallow and must respect social distancing, except when rescues are carried out.  Now, on what they were able to observe during the first few days, he added:  “  Not many respect the use of the barbijo while they  are out of the water. What we always recommend and try to enforce is that  family bubbles or groups of friends are respected  to avoid infection of Covid-19.” 

In addition, it is worth noting the importance of  some key warnings,  which must also be disseminated in order to avoid any kind of accident when visiting a Cordovan river:

  •  Avoid bathing in risky areas.  Whether in rivers of large flow, in natural pools, or under waterfalls.
  • Keep in mind also that  there may be currents and/or swirls  that drag you into a situation of trouble.
  •  Notice the possible existence of posters , they may announce the existence of some danger.
  •  Use special footwear  for water,  avoid the risk of wounds  and cuts on your feet.
  • A place that is usually deep can receive a sandbank from a flood and decreases its depth.  It is not advisable to throw yourself from the heights, less if you do not know the area. 
  • If there is a change in weather or storm rises, it is better to  move away from any water mirror. 
  •  Use sunscreen and avoid serious burns . Also avoid exposure to the sun in hours when it is very strong,
  •  not garments fire in sectors where they do not allow it. 

With all these tips on hygiene and safety protocols in mind  , you can start enjoying   an unparalleled season.  In Cordoba,  the most beautiful landscapes await you to refresh yourself and experience unforgettable experiences. 

Publication Date: 28/12/2020

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