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Villa de Pocho and its Sierras

We tell you everything about a paradise in Cordoba that generates an unmissable contrast with other of our landscapes. Villa de Pocho and its surprises, shall we?

Villa de Pocho

 Villa de Pocho  is a town located in the eponymous department. In the northwest of the province, this place gives us  unmissable postcards . In this area of Cordoba there are  ancient geological formations , historical passages and unique activities. Near the towns of  Salsacate  and Taninga, Villa de Pocho invites us to stroll.

The peculiarity of the Sierras near this Villa lies in the fact that they are formations of millions of years. To connect with these lands is to link with  the origin of the world . Some of these geological formations are extinct volcanoes, which were once active and which today are only part of the landscape.

Another attraction, in addition to its volcanoes, is the  Pocho Lagoon . A  mirror of water  that invites us to kill on its banks. Also the destinations that are found in nearby localities. Like the  Pocho Tunnels  or the  Mermela Quebrada  .

This town offers an endless number of activities for lovers of adventure tourism. But it also offers us the tranquility of resting in a  landscape of a unique diversity . Its lands invite us to horseback riding, hiking, trekking and more.  If you like adrenaline , there are options like 4x4 or mountain biking. Always with advice from locals.

 How do I get there? 

To get to this corner in northwest Cordoba, you have to travel  a little over 200 km  from the capital of Cordoba. One access is to take the  RP15  and be willing to pass through the most beautiful and renowned landscapes of the province, such as the Camino de las Altas Cumbres, where you pass by Mina Clavero, Cura Brochero and Taninga. A route endowed with beauty.The other way is to get through Tanti, costing Los Gigantes. But this option includes  80 km of gravel;  for that, you have to be prepared, because driving on that type of terrain is not for anyone.

The Pocho Mountains are the most amazing place in Cordoba. This area delights us with the incredible scenery. This region conserves  3% of the native forest of Cordoba . For this reason, natural reserves and spaces were erected where environmental care is the focus. One such place, for example, is the Chancani Nature Reserve.

Publication Date: 21/09/2020

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